The man who only bought Fiat cars in his life

His name is David Franklin, and he is the man we can define “Record customer for Fiat”. Resident in Buckinghamshire, UK, he is 84 years old and has a great passion for the cars of the Italian brand. So much so that Fiat has decided to celebrate him as one of its most loyal British customers, who has owned 55 cars of the brand in 60 years.

And today he just picked up his latest loyal one, the Nuova 500 Red: the electric is his Fiat number 55. He may also be the most loyal car buyer in the world, according to some rumors, we don’t have official data in hand. His very first car was also a Fiat 500 (first generation), which paid 399 pounds, as he himself stated.

David Franklin’s cars

The well-known owner of the 55 Fiat, during his entire career as a motorist, which among other things – despite his 84 years – has not yet finished, he drove almost all Fiat models that the Turin-based company has produced, year after year, and that we too know very well.

From the 500 Abarth to the 1500, it then passed to the 850 also in the Coupé version, but also had some unique cars, very rare models, including, for example, the Fiat 850 Idromatic or the 130 with a 3.2-liter V6 engine. According to what Mr. Franklin himself said, he thinks he has traveled – all his life and always aboard Fiat cars – about one million kilometers.

In addition to being faithful to the Italian brand, the Englishman has never abandoned petrol engines. For the first time today, at the age of 84, the man has decided to take the plunge and move towards zero-emission engines, thus buying a new Fiat 500 Red Edition – which we have already talked about – 100% electric.

Career at Fiat

David Franklin said he had worked in Fiat until 1974, for this reason he remained very fond of the Italian car manufacturer, one of the most famous in the world, despite his career being over for almost 50 years. And in fact he declared: “Fiat has never disappointed me, so I have not disappointed them”, the reasoning is flawless.

In addition to the models already mentioned above, they found a place in the man’s garage the legendary Fiat Uno, also in a Turbo version – an unforgettable icon of the brand – and the Fiat Panda, the best-selling car still today. The man then drove the Fiat Coupé Turbo, the Fiat Croma, the Fiat 500X, the Fiat Bravo and the Fiat Tipo. Virtually almost all the cars produced by the Italian brand have passed into the hands of Mr. Franklin. According to the record-breaking Fiat owner, his favorite models were the 850 Coupé and the Multipla, and today his brand new and flamboyant 500 electric.

The gentleman said: “Having driven Fiat consistently for almost 60 years, it is very difficult to say how many miles my family and I have driven in a Fiat car. However, until Covid, Michela and I went to Italy at least once a year, sometimes twice when the kids were younger “.

Other models owned by the Franklin family include the 600, 1500, 2300 family, 124 family, 127, 128, 131, 132, Argenta, Marea, Punto and 500X. That’s not all, because in the meantime they have taken up space in Franklin’s garage even the Lancia cousinsa Dedra Turbo and a Thema Turbo.

Mr Fiat, so today the House calls him, he started working for Fiat in 1962, in the Wembley dealership, until he became the technical manager, also becoming a driver of cars derived from the series. David Franklin’s first Fiat was bought in 1963, a red colored 500D.


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The man who only bought Fiat cars in his life

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