The new American-style SUV comes from China | The price is far from affordable –

This Chinese-based company is no stranger to such monstrosities: the new SUV is so big and bad that it needs several engines to get around. The price is comparable to its size!

Few Chinese houses have gone this far. There is a reason why some consider this rapidly growing brand “the Eastern Hummer”, we show it to you in a few pages …

To produce them it will take a lot, a lot of manpower … (Canva)

A heavy story

Probably, unless you are a big expert on Asian automobiles, you will not know the Dongfeng brand, a Celestial Empire house specializing in the production of massive, bulky and difficult to park, just as the average buyer of Western SUVs and crossovers like it. For this reason, there is a great possibility that the brand will also be able to break into the Italian market.

The brand already surprised everyone a few years ago by presenting a vehicle known as the Warrior M50 which is quite clearly inspired by the American Hummer. Somehow, this pickup manages to be even heavier and more powerful with a 1,070 horsepower engine and a weight of more than three tons when empty, something to impress even the most demanding stars and stripes motorist …

But that’s not all because for next year, Dongfeng plans to raise the bar even more. His new monster – calling him a car is impossible – is even more exaggerated. In comparison, the Hummer is a toy for children and the Cayenne a Burrago toy car that your child can play with. Welcome the king of Asian SUVs of the future.

Four hearts

Given that before 2023 we won’t see this monster either on the Chinese market, the Mengshi M-Terrain promises to become the most impressive SUV ever built in the country with the red and yellow flag. Do you think that the brand has invested in the construction of a totally new factory on purpose to ensure a constant production of these vehicles.

The M-Terrain has four electric motors, a bit like a cow’s stomach, capable of producing an overall power of 1,070 horsepower just like its predecessor. The novelty, however, is the possibility of carrying out a Crab Walk, or moving diagonally, which is allowed by the independent four-wheel drive. And autonomy? you will certainly not remain on foot in the middle of the road: it is expected to reach 800 kilometers at least with a full charge.

New SUV InsideEvs 16_09_2022 Quattromania
The aesthetics of the vehicle vaguely reminiscent of a Toyota FJ but the dimensions … are quite another thing! (Inside EVs)

In short, the boxy SUV by Dongfeng is preparing to overturn the equilibrium on the local market and perhaps, in the not too distant future, even in ours if the brand decided to try to export it. On the cost, we have received an indiscretion: there is talk of a list price starting from 97,000 Dollars. Probably, the most equipped versions will greatly exceed this cost ceiling.

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The new American-style SUV comes from China | The price is far from affordable –

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