The relaunch of a historic Italian car brand

A glorious brand of Italian motorsport is ready to make a comeback thanks to the relaunch operation implemented in the last period. Let’s talk about OSCA., acronym of the iconic Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili, which since 1947 has written important pages in the history of Italian motoring, becoming, within a few years, a reference point in the world of racing. Although successful, however, after the passage from the Maserati brothers to the Agusta family, in 1967 the company closed its doors.

The relaunch of OSCA

To deal with the relaunch of OSCA will be Massimo Di Risioowner of the DR Automobiles, which acquired the rights for the automotive development of the company from Fabia Maserati, grandson of one of the founders of the House of the Trident, as well as daughter of the late heir Alfieri Maserati, who died last January. At the base of Maserati’s decision to hand over the job to Di Risio is the excellent curriculum that the Molise entrepreneur himself has behind him.

A successful former driver, Di Risio was also able to reinvent himself as a businessman in the automotive world, immediately gaining a prominent place in the car market with his DR Automobiles (here we talked about the exponential growth of the brand). Fabia Maserati, commenting on the transition to the 62-year-old entrepreneur, underlined that in Di Risio she sees “the same passion and tenacity that animated the Maseratis”. “He was a winning driver, even before becoming a successful automotive entrepreneur. His is one story of great passionstill has a romantic vision of this world, combined with a great entrepreneurial ability ”explained Maserati.

The hopes of the historic OSCA, therefore, are all placed in Di Risio who, as reported by Fabia Maserati, has in mind a industrial plan that will significantly relaunch the brand (Speaking of DR, here is the new SUV that is enjoying great success).

The entrepreneur from Molise, however, has not been the only one who has taken an interest in the brand in recent years, with Alfieri Maserati often rejecting proposals from other big names in the automotive sector. The daughter Fabia, in fact, stressed that the intentions of the deceased father were those of revive the glorious brandbut entrusting it “into the hands of those who, like him, have always thought that the smell of petrol was the most intoxicating of perfumes, as well as the roar of engines the most exciting of sounds, to the point of making the car an element totalizing of one’s life “.

OSCA, a short but glorious story

In a twenty-year golden period, the cars of the Specialized Automobiles Construction Workshops met with successes and rose to the fore in the world of Italian motorsport and beyond. Born from the passion inherited from Carlo Maserati, the car manufacturer was founded in 1914 by Alfieri Maserati and he was immediately able to distinguish himself, in a short time, in the sports car scene. On the death of Alfieri, the Bindo brothers, Ernesto and Ettore inherited the business which, from 1947, took the name of OSCA, Officine Specializzate Costruzioni Automobili – Fratelli Maserati.

The family-run company immediately became famous thanks to small-displacement racing cars, starting with the MT4 characterized by a twin-shaft engine of just over 1 liter and just 72 horsepower capable of winning races such as the Targa Florio (some of the iconic cars that won it will be on display at the Heritage Hub, we talked about it here). Until the early 1960s, the Maserati brothers were among the major players in world motor sport and their small-displacement OSCAs established themselves all over the world. In 1964 the sale to the Agusta family arrived but, after just three years, they decided to permanently stop the business.

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The relaunch of a historic Italian car brand

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