The safest cars: you are at the top

When it comes to safety, i Euro NCAP crash test they are in some ways the reference par excellence in the automotive sector. The new round of tests has an undisputed winner, who obtains the overall score of 5 stars, the highest grade of the impact tests carried out by the European New Car Assessment Program, the Euro NCAP precisely.

The verdict of the latest Euro NCAP crash tests

The European program for the evaluation of new car models, this is the Italian translation of the acronym Euro NCAP, is a meter that, in a nutshell, serves to give an evaluation of the car safety, through a series of test protocols that provide consumers and the automotive sector itself with various useful information in this regard. The maximum score obtainable is 5 stars. This is for what concerns our program, the European one, but there are also others of different naturesuch as the NHTSA for the United States or for example the FBO in Japan.

But let’s go back to the last round of tests carried out in recent days by Euro NCAP. There are five the cars put to the test which scored full marks: the Kia Niro with the optional Safety package, the Genesis GV 60, the Ora Funky Cat, the Wey Coffee and the Tesla Model Y. A hair’s breadth (four stars instead of five) for the Hyundai i20 and the Kia Niro without the aforementioned equipment, but with standard equipment.

In the details of the tests: Tesla Model Y stands out

Going to examine in detail the individual tests of the cars it emerges as the Genesis GV 60 adequately protect the knees and thighbones of both the driver and the passenger, limiting whiplash for those sitting in the back. On her part there Kia Niro with the Safety Pack it shone above all for its ability to provide similar levels of protection to occupants of different piers and seated in different positions. Although the driver’s chest protection was considered marginal, the Now Funky Cat on the other hand, it has been shown to adequately protect all the critical areas of the body in frontal impacts. As for the Wey Coffeethe tests carried out have shown good protection for the legs and pelvis of the most vulnerable occupants, despite the fact that in the test relating to the impact against the rigid barrier he sinned for the unexpected opening of the tailgate.

One is missing, the winner of this round of tests carried out in recent days by Euro NCAP. It is really her, there Tesla Model Y (here the complete price list) to get the best results from the crash tests in question. Despite the five-star score obtained by all five of the aforementioned cars, the exams were passed in the best possible way and highlighted the following points. Excellent safety in side collisions, good protection for children in frontal collisions and correct Lane Keeping intervention in various extreme situations. So, good news for those who are planning to buy one since it was announced just a few days ago the debut in Italy of the cheaper version.

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The safest cars: you are at the top

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