“The taxi driver? Spit and kicked suitcase »And unload the tourists a kilometer earlier

The case

The incredible story reported by the owner of a b & b who was waiting for two Americans: “They weren’t arriving and when I called to talk to them he replied by calling me a donkey”

Imagine that you are on vacation in California, thousands of miles away from home. Then imagine asking a taxi driver to take you to your chosen residence to spend the long-awaited vacation. Finally, try to think about how you would feel if the taxi driver in question discharged you well before arriving at your destination, at the end of a fight for “trivial reasons”, kicking your suitcase and even spitting on you. Let’s say that the memory of this Californian holiday would certainly not start in the best way.

Indeed, probably this single fact would be enough to invalidate the overall evaluation of holidays, California, America and so on.

Now reverse everything, moving the facts to Como and investing two thirty-year-old boys arriving from the United States with the role of tourists. It is now time to tell you that the episode, although objectively unpleasant and – we thought until yesterday – unlikely, actually happened between the Como San Giovanni station – where the two Californian tourists had arrived – and Cernobbio, where they should have arrived.

To tell us about it is Nico Petrella, Tuscan origins and in love with the Lario, who with his wife Jennifer O’Hearn manages holiday homes in Como and in the province, including that of Cernobbio where the two tourists were headed.

“I had left them directions, in Italian and English, on how to get to us in Cernobbio – he explains – I always do it, also because the houses are on a complicated street. After about 25 minutes, it was Saturday at 13 and there was no traffic, not seeing them arrive, I contacted the tourists and the answer I heard from the taxi driver is that I was a donkey and that he had been doing this job for dozens of years and he didn’t need my help, much less my directions. ” The phone call was immediately interrupted so as not to continue the quarrel, Petrella specifies: “I didn’t think I needed to go further, with the customers present”.

The taxi, however, does not arrive at its destination in the following minutes, until the manager of the holiday home receives a call from his customers: “Come and pick us up, the taxi driver dropped us off before we reached our destination, he kicked our suitcase and spit on us ».

The imprint of the shoe is clearly evident in the photo taken immediately after, as well as the fact that the two tourists had been abandoned about a kilometer from the destination.

From what has been possible to reconstruct, both the Municipality of Como and the agents of the local police have already been informed of the incident.

“How did the vacation for the two American boys end? Very well, they were enthusiastic about Lake Como and our landscapes ». Because in the end, it is mother nature that saves us.


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“The taxi driver? Spit and kicked suitcase »And unload the tourists a kilometer earlier

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