«The top seller? He acts as with a woman: he tries with everyone, someone will stay there “

“It’s like when one has to conquer a woman, I’ll try with everyone, then someone will stay there “. The words were not said in a bar, but at a training course for employees of the MPS bank who learn how to sell insurance products. The chief commercial officer of MPS, Pasquale Marchese, gave them reporting the words that had been said to him by a “top performer from another company” answering the question of how he managed to sell so many products. «I remember, in another company, a top performer in the commercial area of ​​protection products – explains the manager -. I asked him: how do you sell so many products, it depends on the training you have done, it depends on the knowledge of the customers, on what it depends? He answered me in dialect. He said to me: ‘Ingenuity’, I have to tell you, it’s like when one has to conquer a woman, I try with all of them, then someone will stay there ». Marchese, trying to smooth out, always during the training course, held in a reserved call, then added that “It applies to ladies as well as gentlemen.”

Pasquale Marchese
Pasquale Marchese

This was followed by a more marked step, because the manager wanted to publicly apologize for the statements made in an email sent to his colleagues. “I want to apologize to you and the bank I represent for the words spoken during the training meeting last week, certainly inappropriate and out of place – he wrote -. It was absolutely not my intention to disrespect the many colleagues with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating on a daily basis, nor was it my intention to make gender references. The style of our Bank is very different, the reference models to look at every day during our work must obviously be different. Mine was a lightness and I really hope that you will accept my heartfelt and dutiful apologies for this unpleasant episode ». The story, dating back to recent days, reported by the Florentine edition of La Repubblica, has sparked criticism from the trade unions: in an internal statement they speak of «Deplorable episode of lack of respect and sensitivity towards professionalism of all our colleagues without distinction of gender “.

“In just one short anecdote about ‘try it’, recited for training purposes to an audience of astonished listeners and remote listeners – it is written again in the internal note -, our educator of top performers in series, has managed to sink code of ethics and professional deontology, sentimental education and respect for the female gender“. “We therefore manifest – they conclude – our total disapproval of these methods of communication and call on the chief commercial officer to comply with correct behavior”. Barbara Orlandi, representative of the CGIL Tuscany Women’s Coordination, also spoke on the episode: «The examples are only sexist, a suggestion: avoid them. Whether they are interventions, reports, training courses, rallies, it is always preferable to avoid examples such as: it would be as if…, it’s like when… because we regularly see only stereotyped and sexist examples. When it goes well they are football examples dedicated to those who know it. So, a suggestion, if you can’t explain in your own words what you mean, forget it or change the subject ».

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May 3, 2022 | 11:25


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«The top seller? He acts as with a woman: he tries with everyone, someone will stay there ”

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