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Alberto once again asks an “evergreen” question: is installing a wallbox in the garage really necessary or is it a waste? You can send your questions to the “Vaielettrico answers” section using the email

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A real estate developer says the wallbox is useless

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I am your loyal read and I recently attended a conference on renewable energy and the superbonus held at Confartigianato Udine.

At the end of the conference, the public was given the opportunity to speak. A well-known building contractor took the floor and stated that the superbonus 110 benefit relating to the wallbox was, according to him, a waste as you can easily and daily recharge your electric car in your own home without having the wallbox.

I ask you what you think Alberto Giacomuzzi

But in many cases it is a legal requirement

1668995330 997 The wallbox in the garage is a waste What doREPLY- Vaielettrico has already dealt extensively with this same topic (laws here).

In summary: the use of a wallbox for home recharging of the car is not mandatory if the building, due to its characteristics, is not among those subjected to Fire prevention issued by the Fire Department. So in garages of the houses single-family and in garages and parking spaces of small condominiums with above ground or basement garages with a total area of ​​less than 300 m2, the electric car can be charged through the mobile charger supplied plugged into a shucko outlet.

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In the large condominiums with multi-storey underground garages with over 10 parking spaceson the other hand, the fire regulations prescribe that the recharge takes place through dedicated and permanent recharging systems. That is real wallboxes or industrial sockets (blue) specially installed by qualified personnel who certify the correct realization of the system, both in the part pertaining to the garage and in the condominium part possibly involved in the works.

In any case, we advise the reader to don’t underestimate the risks connection of an object as energy intensive as an electric car, which can absorb energy at powers of 2-3 kW for many consecutive hours. In any case, cables and sockets must be sized to withstand important stresses.

Security, convenience & other benefits

A wallbox gives the maximum guarantee as it is always equipped with safety devices, both towards the car and towards the network. This allows you to load without problems maximum power accepted by the car in alternating current (from 3.5 up to 22 kW in three-phase). Never forgetting that the faster the recharge, the lower the energy paid to supplier but dissipated in heat while refueling.

More sophisticated wallboxes, but always at a cost close to or slightly above 1,000 euros, also offer additional functions. Among these is the possibility of joining the ARERA experimentation for the automatic and free increase of the power available during the night up to 6 kW (laws). Other functions enabled by smart wallboxes are the load balancing to avoid detachments due to exceeding the contractual powers, the refill schedulingthe remote monitoringL’consumption optimization in the presence of self-produced energy from photovoltaic panels or static storage tanks, the counting and certification of withdrawals if made from a condominium Pod.

And soon it will be an added value of the property

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One last consideration: two-way dialogue functions between electric cars and the grid will soon be regulated and authorized. They range from integration with the home network (V2H), to paid flexibility services (V1H), up to the possible transfer of energy to the network (V2G) (laws). To access all these functions will be essential to have a wallbox.

That’s why we feel like criticizing the claims of his “building contractor”, a lot short-sighted also from an entrepreneurial point of view. Indeed, in 10 or 15 years, when millions of motorists have switched to an electric vehicle, having a wallbox in their garages will be one of the key requirements for valorisation of any propertylike the energy class.

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The wallbox in the garage is a waste. What do you think? – Vaielectric

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