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The period of economic crisis we are witnessing spares no one, not even three famous supermarkets which are now in danger of closing their doors forever.

Closed supermarkets – BedQuotidiano.it

We are surrounded by them, and they have by now took the place of the shops of the food of the past. Yet after having been the architects of a sort of revolution in the way of shopping, even some of them are ready to be closed.

The crisis hits the large-scale retail trade

Despite the fact that supermarkets have expressed a point of reference during the pandemic, remaining open, amid doubts and concerns for the health of employees, the prolongation of the current crisis also affects them.

The gears of organized distribution (GDO), in fact they are crashing. Thanks to the contraction in consumption, and the adhesion to e-commerce, in turn accelerated by Covid-19, supermarkets are losing ground every day.

In any case it is a gradual decrease but not too sudden, the closures, although present, do not represent a huge phenomenon to date.

Closed supermarkets
Closed supermarkets – BedQuottidiano.it

There are many difficulties, one of them being the lack of time to go shopping which sometimes takes up to 1 hour if not more.
A space of time that with the society increasingly out of breath where we live we struggle to find. Especially when it has been discovered that you have everything at your fingertips, even the shopping itself that arrives at home, without effort and queues.

In fact, the number of people who do is increasing rely on the online services of supermarketseven if not all are suitably equipped for the big change.

In particular, it happens in the areas further away from the city center or in Southern Italy. Here, in fact, public services, in addition to being a bit antiquated, are also inadequate, becoming more of a cost than an opportunity.

Three famous supermarkets are closing

For last, price inflation in recent months served to close the circle. Indeed, many products have undergone price increases that are impossible for many Italian families, along with high bills

Without counting the discomfort initially derived from Covid-19 and now the battle in Ukraine is certainly not supportive if in the end Conad, Carrefour and Tuodì seem destined for closure. Perhaps we have come to the moment to give a definitive salute to the supermarkets?

People will soon have to adjust to a fundamental change regarding one of the most famous brands.

Supermarket closing sign
Supermarket closing sign – BedQuotidiano.it

Of the three mentioned above, that Conad closes first, although not definitively. For now, the company has decided to remove the headquarters from municipality of Cognentopart of the city of Modena.

The place of the supermarket will be taken by an “Intima Moda” outlet, a brand now known throughout Italy. The Tuodì chain has already closed several offices in Lazio, this has left twelve workers unemployed while another 49 are at risk.

Of the chain Carrefour has already closed on March 27, a shop located in the shopping center Le Sources in Frosinone.

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“They close”, all panic: goodbye to 3 famous supermarkets | We were always shopping there – LettoQuotidiano.it

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