Traffic lights will no longer be the same: what changes

Pedestrians and cyclists are the so-called weak road users, those who run the greatest risks precisely because of the vehicles circulating on the road and who unfortunately, often and willingly, do not respect the speed limits and hundreds of other regulations dictated by the Code of Road, for their and others’ safety.

However, protecting all those who travel on our roads has now become one of the primary objectives of the law. And it is both for the car manufacturers, which from year to year equip their new cars with latest generation security tools, technologies and systemsboth for the Highway Code, through the updating of the rules by those in charge, in order to better preserve the safety of those who circulate.

The new decree approves “smart” traffic lights

It was recently signed the decree by the Minister of Sustainable Infrastructures and Mobility Enrico Giovannini, who aims to define the characteristics for the approval and installation of the new traffic lights that will be installed on our roads, and in fact we had already talked about in recent months. These are in particular new and latest generation devices, which we had never seen before, equipped with countdown able to give precise information on the actual time for switching on of the red, green and yellow light.

A novelty that aims at protection of weak, more vulnerable users – therefore cyclists and pedestrians, as we said at the beginning – avoiding in some way that motorists can exit the intersections at full speed, overwhelming them and causing even very serious accidents; these are in fact episodes that unfortunately we see too often happening on our roads.

The new traffic lights: what we know today

But how will they work then these new traffic lights that have been talked about so much lately? In practice, when the red light is about to turn on, a sort of real countdown starts that allows users present at the intersection to know how much time do they have to cross the street.

This eliminates the risk of finding yourself in the middle of the road with oncoming cars. The decree just signed indicates what they must be the requirements, the characteristics, as well as the terms and useful methods to install the countdown devices inside traffic lights. That’s not all, because the text also establishes in which particular situations they must be compulsorily installed, and in which others, on the other hand, their positioning may take place according to the will and judgment of the owners or managers of the roads. It is clear that they will certainly be indispensable in the intersections considered more dangerous.

Within two years of approval of the three-year program of public works or the two-year program for the acquisition of supplies and services we will already be able to see the first countdowns installed, in the places where they will be deemed necessary. The programs just mentioned must be drawn up and approved within two years of its entry into force, in this way, in fact, the municipalities will have time to comply, thus adapting to the legislation we have just talked about.

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Traffic lights will no longer be the same: what changes

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