Unlimited internet bonus ISEE and SPID free online: news for families on the way

Internet bonus of 300 euros without ISEE and SPID limits for free online: these are some of the measures of Phase 2 of the Voucher Plan for families prepared by the company Infratel Italia. Comments and observations by May 31, 2022, for subsequent submission to the European Commission for approval.

Internet bonus of 300 euros without ISEE limits and, in parallel, release of the SPID free online.

These are two of the measures envisaged by the Phase 2 of the Voucher plan for families prepared by the company Infratel Italyin consultation until May 31, 2022.

After flop of the first internet bonus introduced in favor of families, the intervention of a broader scope is now taking shape, which aims to encourage the development of high-speed internet networks.

This time the incentives will be recognized without the need to respect an ISEE limitbut for the operational start of Phase 2 of the voucher Plan it will be necessary to wait for a series of steps to be completed.

First, the public consultation which started on April 27 and will end by May 31, 2022deadline for sending comments and observations by interested parties.

The measures will then be submitted to the scrutiny of European Commissionand then become operational through a special decree of the Ministry of Economic Development.

Unlimited internet bonus ISEE and SPID free online: news for families on the way

For the Phase 2 of the Voucher plan prepared by the company Infratel Italia in favor of families, a total of 407 million euros approximatelyresources that will be used to provide a contribution for the activation of new internet connections, but not only.

Details on the measures taken are contained in the document in public consultation from April 27th to the end of May, which outlines the elements of the third phase of the plan approved by the Banda Ultralarga Committee on May 5th 2020.

After the bonus for families with ISEE of up to 20,000 euros and the voucher for businesses, currently being issued, we are looking back at families, with the aim of extending the number of those who use digital services with high speed internet networks.

According to the provisions of Infratel, the new internet bonus for families will be worth 300 euros and will finance connection agreements with a duration of up to 24 months speed of at least 30 Mbps in download.

It will be accessed by families who do not have an internet connection or who intend to switch to better performing technologies than the one in use.

However, one of the points at the center of the public consultation is precisely the amount of the voucher. The sum of 300 euros was calculated by Infratel on the basis of a price estimation of the offers currently available on the market, assuming coverage of 50 per cent of the costs.

The adequacy of the expected value and any corrective measures aimed at guaranteeing correct coverage in favor of the applicants are to be assessed.

Family Voucher Plan – Phase 2
Infratel Italia document in public consultation until May 31, 2022

Not just internet bonuses: in Phase 2 for families, the wiring of condominiums and the free online SPID

Phase 2 of the plan for families looks on though beyond the internet bonus.

Among the further concessions, the possibility of encouraging interventions for the vertical wiring of apartment buildings. No details are currently foreseen regarding the amount recognized, an aspect on which Infratel asks for opinions regarding the quantification of the cost of the interventions for building and real estate units.

Alongside the voucher for condominiums, further interventions are also in the pipeline for the use of digital services.

In fact, the Plan developed by Infratel provides for the disbursement of an additional contribution for the request for digital services by citizens, such as SPID credentials or the Certified mail.

As for the SPID credentials, the voucher would be granted to break down any remote recognition costs for the activation of digital identity. The contribution would therefore serve to allow the beneficiaries to obtain the free credentialsby contacting one of the authorized managers.

PEC free for allmoreover, with the aim of promoting digital citizenship, and incentives for the use of cloud services by the individual beneficiary or from a “family” perspective for the management and storage of photos, videos, documents and other multimedia contents.

Phase 2 of the Voucher Plan prepared for families therefore looks 360 ° at digitization needs that characterize the life of families.

After the conclusion of the public consultation phase, the measures prepared will be notified to the European Commission for authorization, and will then be governed by a specific MISE decree.

I am therefore still unsure start timeswhile the objective of giving a new acceleration to the use of online services by families is clear.

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Unlimited internet bonus ISEE and SPID free online: news for families on the way

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