What are the types of balcony solar panels, the costs and the real actual savings

The balcony solar panel is one increasingly widespread solution between apartment owners and tenants, also thanks to the facilitated procedure. The progressive increase in the electricity bill is a very felt concern, especially in this period. The purchase price of kWh increases every year, leading to ever higher electricity bills. The photovoltaic panel for apartments has a positive effect on reducing the electricity bill.

The photovoltaic system is a system that uses solar radiation to generate direct electric current through the photovoltaic effect. Transformed into alternating current, through an inverter, it can be used to power the electrical appliances of the house.Let’s try to understand if the solar panel in an apartment is easy to install, that is:

  • Balcony solar panels, which type to choose

  • Costs, savings and the possibility of installing solar panels

Balcony solar panels, which type to choose

The choice for a balcony is twofold: fixed or mobile solar panels? The plug & play system is a solar panel with a European standard 220 V socket. It is a compact batteryless photovoltaic kit in which each module has its own inverter. 2 square meters of balcony or terrace are required per solar panel. It plugs into a power outlet. Electricity is fed into the grid and you start saving money.

The fsecuring the solar panels on a railing between balconies or terraces is a rather suitable solution for individual projects. It is necessary to satisfy some technical criteria such as resistance of the railings to the weight of the modules, but it is the most practical solution for those who want to save quickly. Most often, a plug and play system is installed on a balcony.

The photovoltaic system consists of small photovoltaic cells, made of amorphous silicon, mono or polycrystalline, characterized by small silver stripes on the surface, or the chemical contacts for the series connection of several cells, suitable for forming a photovoltaic module. It is precisely the union of several modules to form the photovoltaic system. In condominiums it is possible to install a classic solar panel system.

From a technical point of view, the procedure to follow is the same as for a house system. The difference is that in this case it is possible generate extra income with unconsumed electricity and there is also more space to install more power. To produce maximum energy, the position of the sensors must be carefully chosen. The other option is the collective solar power plant, on the roof of the building. Finally, there are lighter, portable, flexible or rigid solar panels, in total self-consumption.

Costs, savings and the possibility of installing solar panels

Who you live in a building with flat or sloping roof facing south he is in an ideal situation. Of course, the installation will also be profitable for those facing east or west. As for the inclination of the roof, if between 25 and 35 degrees it is perfect. The fixing of photovoltaic panels is also possible on a vertical wall. With panels inclined at 90 degrees it is possible to foresee a lower production.

If we take a 30 degree tilted installation, the difference can be up to 30%. What if it is not possible to install the panels neither on the roof nor on the wall? How to make electricity from the sun’s energy in this case? Some condominiums consider mounting the solar panels above the windows on a slanted metal frame.

A photovoltaic system it is essentially composed of: photovoltaic panels; inverters, necessary to convert the direct current generated by the panels into alternating current; electrical panels and connection cables.

The cost of a balcony solar panel installation it varies from about 500 to well over 2,500 euros, well remembering how it is possible to access discounts and tax breaks to reduce spending. Thanks to the eco-bonus it is in fact possible to take advantage of a direct discount on the invoice of 50% on the price of photovoltaic systems, solar panels and storage systems. Also part of the game is Ikea which, through Wolmann, creates tailor-made photovoltaic solutions.

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What are the types of balcony solar panels, the costs and the real actual savings

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