What happens if we don’t pay the rent? The risks of a risky choice

What can happen if we don’t pay the rent on time? From warning to eviction, what could we face.

It can happen that you are in financial difficulty and not be able to pay the rent. But what are the risks involved?

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The Covid 19 pandemic and current inflation have caused a huge increase arrears relating to the payment of the rent. Expenses increase and the money is the same as always, insufficient to meet the constant requests for money. It has come to a point where more and more families find themselves faced with choices. Do you eat or pay the rent? Do you buy new clothes for the children or pay the bill? Government aid is not always sufficient to counter the excessive price increases and it can happen that many people do not know the opportunities And the facilities dedicated to them. Hence the impossibility for several families to pay on time the rent putting at risk the permanence in the house. What weapons does the homeowner have in hand and what do you need to know to counter them?

If we don’t pay the rent, what are we going to meet

According to the law you have 20 days to pay the rent from the time of the monthly due date. The owner, therefore, will not be able to act in any way before the 21st day. The risk of exceeding this time frame is to receive a payment notice that is a letter sent by registered letter with return receipt or by certified e-mail in which it is required to pay the amount due within five days or according to a different timing chosen by the lessor.

Paying what is requested on schedule yes will block any intention of the owner to request early termination of the contract for arrears and you can safely remain in the house.

When the eviction takes place

Notice of formal notice it is not mandatory. This means that according to the law the landlord is not obliged to send the registered letter to the tenant. And this is bad news for the tenant because it means that the homeowner can contact the lawyer and proceed with the request for eviction as early as the 21st day late payment.

The tenant will become aware of the landlord’s decision through the validation of eviction for arrears, a real judicial act in which the date of the hearing before the Judge will be indicated. The only possibility to “save” from eviction is to pay the entire sum due by the day of the hearing. By doing so, you can stay in the property until the natural expiry of the contract.

We continue not to pay the rent, what happens

By arriving at the hearing without paying, however, you will have the option of take another 90 days of time to pay the rent (the grace period). A new date for the hearing will be set. Continuing to be in arrears, finally, they will click the eviction order and the incentive decree. The first establishes the date by which it will be necessary to leave the house, the second will oblige the tenant to pay all the sums due.

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If you do not fulfill the obligations, you will be subjected to the procedure of forced execution with the Bailiff who goes to the apartment to order the now former tenant to leave. In case of reticence, one could arrive at the use of public force.

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What happens if we don’t pay the rent? The risks of a risky choice

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