What is ISA, the new mandatory electronic system on cars from 6 July

The July 6, 2022 the obligation arises, for all car manufacturers, to equip the new models with the so-called “ISA“, that is theIntelligent Speed ​​Assistance. Expected from EU Regulation 2019/2144ISA is an electronic safety system, which according to estimates by the European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) could reduce accidents by 30% and road deaths by 20%.

Considering that in Italy, in 2021 alone, there were 64,162 accidents e 1,313 victims if the ETSC is right thanks to this new mandatory electronic system we could save no less than 250 people every year. In fact, as the name implies, Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance is a electronic speed limiterintelligent“, which uses and combines many technologies already present and well-tested on the cars already on sale today to achieve only one result: to prevent the driver from running too much when driving and forcing him to respect the speed limitsbecause excessive speed is always the first cause of an accident.

How ISA works

Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance is an electronic system which, in reality, uses technologies created for other purposes: the front cameras ei radar semi-autonomous cars (the so-called “ADAS“: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). Through cameras and radar, the ISA can read and recognize the road signsunderstanding what the speed limit in effect on that stretch of road.

Having understood what the current speed limit is, the ISA does everything to make the driver respect it. First of all ISA sends a beep (similar to that of seat belts). If the driver ignores the signal, ISA makes seat vibrate, the accelerator pedal and emits another beep. If the driver continues to ignore these signals, then ISA automatically reduces the speed of the car.

But it does not do this by acting on the brakes (it would be dangerous): rather ISA acts on the accelerator pedalthanks to a servomotor that “pushes away“the driver’s foot so that the speed drops. When ISA comes into action, then, there is no sudden braking: the effect of the electronic system is gradual and “soft“.

When ISA arrives

In reality ISA has already arrived– as it is one of the optional safety systems that can increase your test score Euro NCAP, many manufacturers have decided to implement it to have more chances of reaching the famous 5 stars. From 6 July 2022, however, ISA becomes mandatory for all cars of new homologation.

This means that car manufacturers can no longer present a new model of cars that do not have Intelligent Speed ​​Assistance as standard. But cars currently on sale may still not have this safety system.

Things will change the July 7, 2024when all the cars of new registration they will have to have the ISA. This means that it will no longer be possible to sell a new car without this system and, consequently, if the car model is too old and the manufacturer cannot fit the ISA, then from 2024 onwards. he will no longer be able to sell that car.

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What is ISA, the new mandatory electronic system on cars from 6 July

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