What is the most bought car in 2022? In Europe she really reigns | And who expected it

New car registrations in Europe fell 19% year-on-year in March, while plug-in hybrid and electric models outperformed diesels

Who will have conquered the top of the podium? – Motori.news

All this according to new data from Jato Dynamics. Registrations in 27 European markets fell to 1,116,419 on 33% less compared to March 2020 and a decline of 37% compared to March 2019, pre-pandemic. The volume of the first quarter of 2022 is 10% lower than in 2020, falling to 2.73 million, the lowest level since 1985. Jato said the drop in sales was “the result of the continuing uncertainty about the availability of new cars e the invasion of Ukraine “.

The US to conquer Europe

Although Ukraine not a big market for exports of European cars, with a small market relative to its population, it remains an important source of vehicle parts for i main European OEMs “he has declared Felipe Munoz, Jato’s global analyst.

The drop in sales in Ukraine itself also affected the number of registrations overall for Europe. Last year around the country were sold 103,300 cars new, thus becoming the 20th largest market of the continent. However, the absorption of PHEV and EV (hybrid and electric motors) remained healthy and ever growing.

Tesla Model 3 sedan
Tesla Model 3 sedan – Motori.news

I’m been sold about 244,801 electrified cars with a 10% increase on an annual basis, compared to 202.113 diesel with a decrease of 39%. THE electric vehicles they took 62% of all sales of low-emission car, increasing 46% year-over-year. The PHEVs meanwhile are decreased by 22%.

Jato attributed the increase in the adoption of electric vehicles to the improvement of government incentives, which do not apply to hybrids in some European countries. “We keep seeing more and more new ones electric vehicles enter the market. And with the support of good business, incentives and shorter waiting times than ICE vehicles, it has become easier for the consumers jump on the gods boom electric vehicles “Munoz said.

The Tesla queen of Europe

There Tesla Model 3 sedan regained the top spot as European best-seller in March, with a total of 20,013 registrations, supported by an excess of European deliveries. This figure was, however, less than 3% compared to 2021. It was followed by Peugeot 208 supermini with 21,013 and from the new one Tesla Model Y SUV with 18.968.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, Le new registrations by car in Europe decreased ,, while i hybrid plug-in and electric models have passed i diesel, despite the decline in markets and sales, due to the war in Ukraine. With the first and third place, Tesla follows a trend that has already begun for some time.

Tesla Model Y
Tesla Model Y – Motori.News

There Tesla Model 3first in sales, is a smash hit in Europe, at the top of the charts of March sale with 23,013 units sold. Even the model Standard Range boasts up to 400 kilometers with a single charge, while the model Long Range offers up to 560 kilometers. It’s also fast, snaps from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.8 seconds.

There is also a Performance model which has yet to reach Europe. The new Tesla Model Y, third in sales, continues the success of younger sister Model 3, with 19,968 sales in March. The SUV was put up for sale in Europe only in February and it was also the best-selling car in the United Kingdom last month, despite being currently only available in the expensive specification Long Range, with a range of 506 kilometers e 434 CV.

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What is the most bought car in 2022? In Europe she really reigns | And who expected it

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