When it is possible not to pay the car tax

Anyone who owns a car or a motorbike in Italy is obliged to pay the stamp duty, the much hated tax that is paid to the Region regardless of driving the vehicle, but inherent in owning it. In general, the car tax is paid within 30 days of purchasing a new vehicle, or within the month following registration. However, there are cases where it is possible do not pay this sum.

Car tax exemptions: when you don’t pay

Everyone who has a handicap certificate and their caregivers are entitled to exemption from paying the car tax. What are the categories that can benefit from the measure:

  • the spouses and parents of the disabled person;
  • relatives and kindreds within the second degree of kinship of a person recognized as seriously disabled;
  • up to the third degree of kinship if the person with the handicap is over 65 or disabling diseases.

The cars that are not eligible for the exemption are:

  • petrol models with a displacement greater than 2,000 cubic centimeters;
  • diesel cars with a displacement greater than 2,800 cubic centimeters.

Car tax exemption by age

There are not only exemptions for those who own Law 104 and / or accompanying persons, but also for vintage cars, which have more than 30 years of life. There is no need to submit any application, the owners of this type of vehicle will have to pay a sum as a lump-sum road tax that is valid for one year. The amount can range from a minimum of 11 to a maximum of 30 euros, reduced by 50% for cars of collector’s and historical interest.

Car tax exemption for green models

All cars hybrid they are exempt from paying the car tax for the first three years from the time of purchase, the same applies to cars electricfor well five years in this case. We remind you that these are not national laws, because the car tax is a regional interest tax, so the rules may vary from region to region. An example? For these types of cars in Lombardy and Piedmont, the exemption is valid for the entire life cycle of the vehicle.

Once the five-year period has elapsed, in some regions electric vehicles pay the car tax in a reduced way (compared to the amount paid for the same petrol vehicle). Motorcycles and mopeds on the other hand, once 5 years have passed from the first registration, pay the tax in full. In any case, as we said, the rules vary according to the territory of residence.

When paying the stamp duty

The car taxfor cars already in circulation, must be paid by the last day of the following month to the expiry date of the previous tax. If the last day of the month by which the tax must be paid coincides with a Saturday or a public holiday, the deadline will be automatically extended to the next working day, without the motorist risking any fine.

For cars of First enrollment instead it changes everything. For a car that has just been registered because it is new or because it is registered for the first time in Italy, according to the law, the tax must be paid by the end of the month in which it was registered. If the enrollment takes place in the last ten days of the month, the deadline for payment is automatically moved to the end of the following month.

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When it is possible not to pay the car tax

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