White pumps: what they are and where to find them

White pumps is the name that defines them the most: it is the independent fuel distributors, no logo, which differ from branded distributors for a number of aspects, which then determine the low cost of supplies. And it is also for this reason that they are attractive to motorists: when the cost of petrol or diesel rises, the object of desire becomes the station no logowhere lower prices are charged than branded petrol stations.

White pumps: what are they

White pumps (or no logo distributors) are refueling stations that do not depend on a large distribution brand: they are independent systems which sometimes, depending on where you live, is not even easy to find. They have been present in Italy for over 20 years, they have no ties with the big brands and their economic convenience derives from the reduction of transport costs.

Unlike the distributors of the big brands, in the no logo stations we will not find offers and promotions, advertising campaigns, points collections, prizes, stamps. The manager, generally a private entrepreneur, does not invest particularly in marketing and the diffusion of the brand (because in the end there is a brand, therefore a logo) and the luck of these stations is mainly based on the possibility of apply a low price to fuelthus attracting consumers who are always looking for more convenience to power their vehicle.

Quality white pumps

Many think that with the same amount of fuel purchased at a non-logo station as one that sports a big brand, you will travel a few kilometers less or that low cost equates to poor fuel quality. How much is it true? Nothing, because in reality there are some aspects to consider:

  • The quality standards to be respected are the same as those that must guarantee the big brands;
  • Even white pumps are subjected to strict controls during the production and distribution phases;
  • Distributors refuel at the same sites where even the most important brands refuel.

A further clarification regarding this last point: the sites where to refuel are the same, but often the big brands turn to other markets and centers of reference to buy special fuelsproducts that we will not find anyway at the no logo stations.

White pumps, lower prices: why?

White pumps, cheap gasoline? This is just a mere urban legend. The lowest price applied to fuels, in fact, it only depends on the shortening of the distribution chain: the economic saving is around about ten cents per liter compared to the average. A considerable saving, however, especially in times when the cost of petrol and diesel is growing worryingly.

When to refuel

To optimize the fuel with which we power our car, not to waste it and to make its consumption more effective, we must take some precautions. We list three:

  • Do not refuel immediately after storage: if we are the first to refuel immediately after storing the fuel in the underground storage, we risk introducing slightly dirty fuel into the vehicle, because the storage operation helps to bring out the sedimentations.
  • Refuel when it is about to drop below 50%: do not wait, therefore, to end up in reserve. A full tank is better: to prevent moisture from forming in the tank, it is always better to have it full or, in any case, above 50%.
  • Refuel early in the morning: especially during the hottest periods, it is advisable to refuel early in the morning, or when the outside temperature is still pleasant. In fact, at low temperatures, the density of the fuel found in the soil is greater, so the amount of fuel we will have injected will be exactly what we have decided to put. This is a recommendation that has caused debate, first of all because the underground tanks are insulated and, secondly, because actually, even with that minimum of thermal influence, a very small percentage is really saved (we are talking about a few cents). However, there is always savings, especially when we have to fill up.

These precautions, of course, are valid both for refueling at the white pumps and for those carried out at the stations “with logo”.

White pumps near me: where are they

In Italy there are over 7-8 thousand white pumps (or no logo distributors), but they are not found everywhere. Using the tool below and choosing the reference Region, it will be possible to see where the closest white pumps to us are located.

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White pumps: what they are and where to find them

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