Windows and fixtures bonus 2023: deduction and permitted expenses

The fixtures bonus, or window bonus, has also been confirmed for 2023, the facilitation that allows access to a tax deduction calculated on the expenses incurred for the replacement of windows and fixtures in one’s home. Let’s see in the following article when you can access the incentive and how it works.


It will also be possible to take advantage of this year fixture bonusesor bonus windows, the incentive that allows access to a fiscal detraction on the costs incurred for the replacement of windows and fixtures of your home.

Let’s see in detail how the bonus works and for which ones types of interventions it can be used.

Windows and fixtures bonus 2023: how it works


It was extended through 2023 on bonus windows and fixturesthe fiscal detraction recognized on the interventions carried out for replace windows and fixtures in your home which allows applicants to purchase latest generation and more insulating windows and doors at advantageous prices, reducing waste and, consequently, the amount of bills.

Windows and fixtures bonus: deductions

There deduction percentage which you can benefit from depends on the home bonus to which the replacement of the fixtures is connected:

  • with the restructuring bonus there is a tax deduction of 50% on the total costs incurred, for a maximum amount of 96,000 euros. The deduction is paid in ten equal annual installments;
  • With the’ecobonus there is a deduction of the 50% of the total expenses, up to a maximum of 60,000 euros (alternatively a discount can be applied to the invoice, or the transfer of the tax credit);
  • with the Superbonushowever, the tax deduction is equal to 110% on expenses incurred, to be exploited in five annual installments of the same amount (we remind you that until 31 March 2023 the rate remains at 110% for single-family houses where at least 30% of the planned works have been carried out. Without this requirement, only the owners of “first home” houses can apply for the Superbonus ” with an income not exceeding 15,000 euros and to the extent of 90% until 31 December 2023.).

Bonus windows and fixtures 2023: the eligible expenses


The 2023 windows and fixtures bonus can only be used for the following types of expenses:

  • insulation or replacement of the bins in compliance with the transmittance limit values ​​envisaged for windows including fixtures;
  • supply and installation of a new window including a frame or an entrance door to replace the existing one;
  • additions and replacements of glazed components;
  • supply and installation of shutters, shutters, blinds and related accessory elements, replaced simultaneously with the fixtures (or only glass) subject to intervention;
  • professional services, for example the production of the necessary technical documentation, including the Energy Performance Certificate or the supervision of the works.

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Windows and fixtures bonus 2023: deduction and permitted expenses

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