Wood and pellets, the price soars: it is racing against the expensive bills

With the arrival of the cold season it is rushed to pellets. The most popular kinds are wood and pellets, bills cannot bear the weight of demand.

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With the transition to renewable energy sources, it was decided to opt for more ecological alternatives also in the domestic environment. In anticipation of the cold season the main problem is on the heating side and many Italians instead of resorting to the classic radiator or electric stoves have opted for those with wood and pellets.

The market demand is so high that the warehouses struggle to receive the stocks necessary to meet the demand and, like any self-respecting economic law, it is easy to understand the most immediate consequence of this state of affairs: the more a product is required and difficult. to get, plus the price goes up to the stars. How does the high price of pellets and wood manifest itself? In billnaturally.

Wood and pellets: this winter will be colder than the others, not only for the climate

Expensive wood pellet prices
Pellet (Image by samuel from Pixabay)

In Lombardyespecially in recent weeks, the demand for biomass derived from wood has grown dizzyingly. Among these products, the most popular is certainly the pellets, a derivative of wood used as fuel.

The race for these biomasses is justified by the increase in the price of gas and oil which made the use of combustion heating practically indispensable. However, this blanket always seems to be too short. With the sudden market demand, warehouses begin to struggle with storage of the material.

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It goes without saying that the wood and pellet sales sector also had to increase the market price of its goods. The biomass fuels they no longer seem to be such a cheap and decisive alternative to the problem of gas and oilso.

The Italian Association Agroforestry energies (AIEL) defined the phenomenon as a real cataclysm. Italy was involved in the import of pellets and woody biomass from Eastern Europe, a market made impossible by the war in Ukraine and by the sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus.

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The other countries that helped meet our biomass demand have understandably disrupted trade, blocking the export, for fear of running out of raw materials for the upcoming winter. Inflation, monitored by Aiel, speaks of an increase in prices of + 48% for each 15 kg bag of pellets.

Translated means that in the north of the peninsula if before a lot of pellets from 15 kg could be taken home with 3.12 euro, to date they will need it 4.64, with maximum peaks of 8.88 euros. Compared to last year the price has gone up by 307 euros per ton a 368.

This data dates back to last April, which means that the new September report will present a further and certainly naive increase in the parameters. The price of wood in Lombardy has risen by 10% and for the coming months the percentage promises to settle on 25/30%.

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Wood and pellets, the price soars: it is racing against the expensive bills

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