Home, the fund is on its way to save the mortgage of “defaulting” customers. How it will work

Pandemiccost of energy, inflationary pressures, invasion Russian in Ukraine despite the support of the state, are causing inconvenience to many families in economic difficulties, also for this reason they risk losing their own home. Also inconvenience for many companies that are unable to repay the debt contracted on the instrumental property, despite having a positive … Read more

Ftse Mib: green light to sells after the detachment of dividends?

The last session of the week ended with the plus sign for the European stock exchanges which, however, slowed down the pace in the final. The Ftse100 rose more than the rest with a 1.2% rise, followed by the Dax and Cac40 which appreciated 0.72% and 0.2% respectively. Ftse Mib: the week ends with a … Read more

Superbonus credits 110%, CdP offers a glimmer of light to businesses: the latest news

Superbonus credits 110 CdP offers a glimmer of light to

CdP will start purchasing Superbonus 110% credits again but only under certain conditions. Let’s find out what they are to know the future of the measure. Cassa depositi e prestiti opens glimmers of light on the Superbonus and corporate credit. Pay attention, however, to the conditions of the purchase. Adobe Stock The measure of the … Read more

The rule on building bonuses changes: the government’s choice on banks

The latest provisions included in the Aid decree (approved by the Council of Ministers of Mario Draghi at the beginning of May) provide for a change in the rules on transfers of building bonuses: it is a variation of direct interest thousands of businesses and companies throughout Italy, as well as a series of banking … Read more

If you find this one euro coin you can become rich in the dark: “It is worth 20 thousand euros!” – TechCave.it

One euro coins that are no longer in circulation or have been printed incorrectly are worth a fortune. It is not easy to find this type of coins (otherwise their price would not be so high) but if you are lucky enough to intercept one and put it on sale you can earn staggering figures. … Read more

La Vespa Piaggio nata “U”tilitaria per essere economica, ma oggi costa come un’auto di lusso | L’avete mai vista?

La Vespa Piaggio nata Utilitaria per essere economica ma oggi

La Vespa sa sempre come farsi riconoscere in giro per il mondo. Un modello in particolare, costa quanto un’auto di lusso. Ma l’avete mai vista in azione? La Vespa, un mezzo semplicemente storico. Unica nel suo genere, ha fatto e continua a fare ancora oggi le fortune della Piaggio. Parliamo del gruppo di cui fa … Read more

Online services Agenzia delle Entrate: the new possibilities for guardians, representatives and parents

Online services Agenzia delle Entrate, the provision of 19 May 2022 provides the means of accessing the telematic procedures to which some taxpayers cannot access independently. Guardians, special curators, support administrators, parents and trusted persons of the represented person must submit the specific completed form, following the instructions. THE online services of the Revenue Agency … Read more