Mps, Ita Airways, Tim, Ilva. Here are the industrial dossiers that the next government will have to deal with from day one – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Mps Ita Airways Tim Ilva Here are the industrial dossiers

As far as industrial policies are concerned, there are four hot potatoes that the next executive will have to handle from the very first minutes at Palazzo Chigi. Ita Airways, bank MpsIlva and Telecom Italia. To which is added the spectrum of a series of default in a chain between small and medium energy operators … Read more

Heat pumps: positive and negative aspects to consider to save on heating

Heat pumps positive and negative aspects to consider to save

Heat pumps use free energy from air and water to reduce energy consumption and preserve the planet. There are many positive aspects but equally negative ones regarding heat pumps. In fact, if on the one hand they are advantageous for the wallet, on the other hand it is necessary to solve some challenges. Canva It … Read more

Renault and Nissan, because the pioneers are losing blows – Vaielettrico

Renault and Nissan because the pioneers are losing blows

The new Scenic, arriving in 2024, will not be a minivan, but an electric SUV. Renault and Nissan, the pioneers are missing out on the sales charts. What happens? Why can’t they take advantage of being the first to go? The Renault Zoe, only 7th in the ranking of the best-selling EVs in Europe. Renault … Read more

The first Ikea micro apartment for rent arrives: it costs only 1 euro

Here are the advances and postponements of Serie A Milan

In a moment of serious economic crisis like the one we are experiencing, the result of two and a half years that have seen the whole world go from pandemic to fear of war in Ukraine, finding an apartment within everyone’s pocket is almost impossible. While the real estate market has risen sharply after the … Read more

Water and drinks emergency: supermarkets run dry –

Water and drinks emergency supermarkets run dry solofinanzait

For a few months the managers of supermarkets have been complaining about low stocks of fizzy water, beer and fizzy drinks, but now the situation seems to suddenly precipitate. The absence of carbon dioxide is in fact leaving shelves throughout Italy empty. The CO2 shortage is so serious that it can stop some of the … Read more

Bills, the errors of suppliers that can save money: from the prescription to the contract not respected

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

From 30 thousand, 100 thousand and even almost one million euros. The bills reach record costs. But saving is possible. And not only by reducing consumption, but also by using some precautions that mainly concern the relationship with the supplier. There are more than one factors that affect how much you pay. Bills, the mistakes … Read more

Tesla, he left it in the garage for a month and found it like this: to feel bad –

Tesla he left it in the garage for a month

It is always better to take care of your things, and, when it comes to keeping them, to leave them well guarded. Now, cars are no exception to this. In the matter considered, the protagonist car is a Tesla, protagonist together with its owner, of course, who received an unwelcome surprise. Great nice model of … Read more

Il Frigorifero che funziona senza corrente, ecco com’è fatto e quanto costa

Il Frigorifero che funziona senza corrente ecco come fatto e

Di questi tempi avere un Frigorifero che funziona senza corrente sarebbe davvero l’ideale. In effetti esiste e possiamo acquistarlo. Stiamo vivendo un‘epoca storica davvero particolare. La sensazione è quella di “tornare indietro” anche se forse stiamo “andando avanti”. Canva Non si tratta di un enigma, ma di una riflessione, che diviene inevitabile guardando alle cose … Read more

Flight strike, new day at risk stop: when and the companies involved

With autumn, even the air strikes in our country. The pilots and flight attendants of four low cost airlines among the most important in Europe for their policy of containing prices, have announced the stop. The strike was called by the trade unions Filt-Cgil and by Uiltrasporti who have decided to stop to try to … Read more