Chiara Ferragni e gli outfit scandalosi per festeggiare il compleanno

Chiara Ferragni e gli outfit scandalosi per festeggiare il compleanno

Il 7 maggio ha compiuto 35 anni, l’8 maggio ha celebrato la festa della mamma: per Chiara Ferragni è stato un weekend carico di sentimento. E di divertimento. Venerdì l’imprenditrice è volata in Sicilia insieme al marito Fedez, ai figli Leone e Vittoria, alla sorella Valentina Ferragni e a una miriade di amici per una … Read more

Zorzi and Stanzani, the dedications on Instagram for the first year of love (with unedited photo)

An important relationship is what unites Tommaso Zorzi and Tommaso Stanzani who celebrate theirs first year of lovenot only sharing and dedicating important words of love, but also showing fans one unedited photo taken almost a month after the start of their love story. A love born when Zorzi left the house of the Big … Read more

L’oroscopo di oggi lunedì 9 maggio 2022: Ariete e Leone non trattengono la passione

Loroscopo di oggi lunedi 9 maggio 2022 Ariete e Leone

Nell’oroscopo di oggi, lunedì 9 maggio 2022, Giove prima di lasciare il segno dei Pesci ci regala un bel sestile con Plutone. Questo aspetto porta grande creatività e tanta voglia di dialogare. Ecco le previsioni astrali di oggi segno per segno! Attiva le notifiche per ricevere gli aggiornamenti su Nell’oroscopo di oggi, lunedì 9 maggio … Read more

Mahmood, the attack is very heavy with violent words, the accusation is of theft

Mahmood the attack is very heavy with violent words the

The famous singer has been targeted and the attack against him is very heavy, there is talk of theft. A situation that has left everyone stunned. In recent years the young singer of great talent Mahmood rose to prominence for his countless musical hitsmoreover it was one of the very few competitors of the Sanremo … Read more

Anticipations Storm of love: Constanze has an accident and Paul gives up on Josie | German bets

Anticipations Storm of love Constanze has an accident and Paul

New obstacles are coming for the two protagonists of the eighteenth season of Love storm! Just when they had finally declared themselves, Paul Lindbergh (Sandro Kirtzel) And Josie Klee (Lena Conzendorf) they will in fact find themselves facing an unexpected situation that will seriously endanger their history … So here’s what will happen in the … Read more

The “democratic” anti-aircraft guns down Berlinguer: what really happened to Cartabianca

The democratic anti aircraft guns down Berlinguer what really happened to

Pietro Senaldi 08 May 2022 Any private television company that, after a five-year investment, was finally able to achieve the goal, would cling. Rai, however, is not a private company and its logic does not respond to the market. It does public service, a splendid wording with a high ethical profile but within which everything … Read more

Eurovision, the charge of the 40s: party and colors at the Reggia di Venaria

from Andrea Laffranchi At the Reggia di Venaria the «turquoise carpet», the first official fashion show of the competing artists. Ovations and fan chants for Mahmood and Blanco They are not only the bookmaker to bet on victory of Ukraine. Mahmoodwhich represents Italy together with Blanco after the victory at the Sanremo Festivalhe had made … Read more

Eurovision, the Village opens at full volume. On Sunday the gala evening in Venaria

Turin reacted warmly on Saturday afternoon, regardless of the rain that fell on the hill of the Valentino park. And there were throngs of people along Corso Massimo d’Azeglio (the entrance is to the castle) so as not to miss the inauguration of the Eurovillage, dedicated to the theme of peace with a combative intervention … Read more

Bono Vox accepts Zelensky’s invitation: surprise concert with The Edge on the metro in Kiev

from Laura Zangarini Dublin band frontman and guitarist sang at Khreshchatyk station, after being invited to perform by President Volodymyr Zelensky Surprise concert in the underground in the center of Kiev, Ukraine, by the Irish rock star Bono and the guitarist The Edge. The U2 frontman praised the country’s struggle for “freedom” and even pronounced … Read more

Goodbye black and brown, the trendy bags for spring summer 2022 will amaze us with these colors full of energy

Enough with the dark and winter colors, it’s time to wear accessories that recall the light-heartedness of the summer. Here are the tips from the fashion shows for fashion bags in spring summer 2022. Between micro and macro models, there is something for all tastes This spring, those who have a mania for bags will … Read more