Don Matteo 13 suspended. Even if Don Massimo conquers everyone

1651835294 Don Matteo 13 suspended Even if Don Massimo conquers everyone

Don Matteo, the characters who made the history of fiction Don Matteo 13 was suspended, even if in the last episode aired Thursday 5 May on Rai 1 Don Massimo, alias Raoul Bovahas finally made its way into everyone’s hearts. Don Matteo 13 suspended when he comes back To tell the truth, we won’t have … Read more

Men and women, Ida Platano wants to do it seriously: the lady talks about Sons!

Ida Platano, one of the most discussed ladies of men and women, makes an absurd revelation. Ida Platano is conquering the title of the most talked about lady of the female parterre of the Throne Overespecially since when Riccardo Guarnieri entered the studio of Men and womenin search of the new partner right in front … Read more

Letizia Ortiz’s Mango dress went around the world, thanks to the look (and a nice gaffe)

1651818945 Letizia Ortizs Mango dress went around the world thanks to

What would you do if you were faced with someone dressed exactly like you at a very important event? The nightmare of any fashionista has become a (public) reality with lots of photos and media coverage all over the world. The protagonist is Letizia Ortiz and her reaction was the most chic that could be … Read more

“He’s still at Amici”, the audience scans everything: never happened before | Maria made him stay

Hes still at Amici the audience scans everything never happened

Friends, twist: Maria De Filippi surprises everyone. The audience scans the intentions of the presenter, she has never happened such a thing before. Just the beloved face of the well-known Marian talent is still in school. Friends of Maria De Filippi – Viewers were left speechless to still see the famous face of the … Read more

The tired and debilitated Queen, the parties at the Palace canceled: who will replace her

The tired and debilitated Queen the parties at the Palace

Queen Elizabeth, 70 years of reign in (more than) 7 iconic bags From Buckingham Palace they let it be known that the Queen Elizabeth she is too tired and debilitated to participate in the traditional ones tea party in the garden. He will be replaced by other members of the Royal Family, depending on the … Read more

Jovanotti, his daughter’s cancer: “it all started in August …” | Here’s how it is – the Democrat – Free Information Journal

Jovanotti his daughters cancer it all started in August

Jovanotti, Lorenzo Cherubini, reveals one of the moments in which his strength has failed. When the daughter struggled with cancer Lorenzo Cherubiniin art Jovanottispoke at length about what her daughter had to go through Teresa. A 22-year-old girl who has had to deal with a terrible disease. In fact, many are aware that the singer’s … Read more

Closes Detto Fatto, Bianca Guaccero’s tears (also for Caterina Balivo)

No sooner said than done closed after 10 yearsbetween tears, and some controversy, of Bianca Guaccero. The presenter thanked the audience and her collaborators, and she shed a few tears thinking about the joys and difficulties of these four years at the helm of her. The alleged rival of all time, the former presenter of … Read more

Eliminated Amici 21: challenges, ballot, semifinal and finalists / Serena at risk?

Friends 21 evening 2022, semifinal: challenges and ballot, does Serena risk more than Dario? Saturday 7 May, during the penultimate episode of Friends 21, the names of the finalists will be revealed. Besides Sissi, Michele and Luigi, who will snatch the ticket for the highly coveted final? They will contend for everything Alex, Serena, Dario … Read more

Alba Parietti confirms her new love story but specifies: “Delicate situation”

Alba Parietti confirms her new love story but specifies Delicate

Alba Parietti yesterday and today: 60 years old and always beautiful She had been spotted several times by the paparazzi in sweet company, but up to this moment the official report had not arrived. Now Alba Parietti speaks for the first time about her relationship with her new partner, a love that has only blossomed … Read more

We can say goodbye to bikinis and one-piece swimsuits, now that this is the beach fashion that is popular in summer 2022

In the last two years, fashion has gone through a phase of minimalism in shapes and patterns. Inspired by vintage and 80s lines, it proposed plain colors and simple lines in the name of sobriety. Also in beach fashion we have seen a return of the ’80s bikini and sober and chastened one-piece swimsuits. Today … Read more