Detergents alarm, there are several dangerous for our health but they are still on sale | Here are which ones

Detergents alarm there are several dangerous for our health but

There is a long list of highly dangerous detergents reported and still on sale on the market. In some cases these are cleaning products that contain corrosive substances used without any warning to consumers. The necessary reports have been implemented but in practice, after many months, no recall has been made and this means that … Read more

Viganò, and the Attempt of World Health Dictatorship through the WHO.

Vigano and the Attempt of World Health Dictatorship through the

May 21, 2022 Published by Marco Tosatti Marco Tosatti Dear friends and enemies of Stilum Curiae, we receive and gladly publish this declaration from Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Enjoy the reading. §§§ about the transfer of sovereignty to the WHO for the management of health emergencies No.and the next few days the states adhering to … Read more

One of the most widely used antibiotics can cause serious health problems and few people know about it

One of the most widely used antibiotics can cause serious

Among the most used antibiotics there is one that potentially causes even serious damage. Knowing the medicine thoroughly is a must. Antibiotics have certainly changed the course of human history, saving millions of lives. Pharmacological therapies are certainly useful, but not without contraindications. Among other things, the massive use of antibiotics is bringing alarming “side … Read more

Contaminated food, it’s all on our tables: products withdrawn for mercury, fumonisima, salmonella and listerine

Contaminated food its all on our tables products withdrawn for

In Italy there is a food alarm for some products that have been withdrawn from the shelves: they put the health of consumers at risk. According to the Ministry of Health, some food products have been withdrawn from supermarket shelves because they are “at chemical and microbiological risk”. It seems that the offending products had … Read more

Se sentiamo spesso freddo anche quando fa caldo questa potrebbe essere la patologia di cui soffriamo

Ormai la primavera si sta facendo sentire in tutta Italia e le temperature si stanno alzando decisamente. In alcune zone sembra quasi sia già arrivata l’estate, ed ormai è già da un po’ che alcuni passano il weekend in spiaggia. In questo periodo, quindi, siamo tutti un po’ accaldati, ovviamente. Può però succedere che alcuni … Read more

Blog | ‘Feminism and mental health’: the gender perspective can save many oppressed women – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Blog Feminism and mental health the gender perspective can

Who follows mine Facebook page he probably knows that I attempted suicide in January and am now being treated for depression, agoraphobia and eating disorders. In addition to pharmaceutical treatments, it was suggested to me to use the tool that I have always used as a life-saving element, the writing, which according to the psychologist … Read more

Rumbling in the stomach, if too frequent can be a warning for something more serious

Rumbling in the stomach if too frequent can be a

Feeling the stomach rumbling and moving is a fairly frequent experience, it can occur in the absence of hunger or before or after meals. Many times it becomes a cause of embarrassment if you are in company and the gurgling breaks the silence! It can happen that you are hungry and the mere sight of … Read more

In the emergency room just to get a quicker exam: this is how the “crafty” clog the system

It is true, there is a lack of human resources that materially work there. It’s true, with Covid things got worse. It is equally true that the shifts have become exhausting and that hardly anyone among the new “recruits” accepts a place in the emergency departments of hospitals anymore. But is it really just for … Read more

Mosquito bites, the effective and natural remedy that is taken orally or used as a spray with immediate effect

Mosquito bites the effective and natural remedy that is taken

Here comes the heat, the summer and the holidays, but also the mosquito bites. Fortunately, there are natural remedies to avoid them. In this article we talk about a natural element which can help ward off mosquitoes. Insects should be eliminated as soon as we see them, to avoid nuisance. On the market we can … Read more