Glycemia and cholesterol always under control with these simple and quick tips to follow during the diet

It is not new that bad eating habits and a mainly sedentary life have a big impact on health. Specifically, when it comes to heart health, traditional risk factors can be divided into two: non-modifiable ones, such as age, gender and genetic component; or the modifiable ones, that is the arterial pressure, the presence of … Read more

Chest pains, hot flashes, and sweating could be the first signs of this widespread ailment

As we all know, the human body is literally a perfect machine. Each cell, nerve or organ, in fact, behaves just as if it were the gear of a device, without which it would stop working as it should. However, the human body, in order to survive, has to fight every day against various external … Read more

Fever and fatigue associated with skin irritation could be symptoms of this immune system abnormality affecting joints and kidneys

It is a chronic systemic autoimmune disease that can affect nerves, kidneys and joints, causing severe damage and severe pain. It is chronic because symptoms can last longer than 6 weeks and last for many years. The starting point is the immune system that fights viruses and bacteria through proteins called antibodies that protect the … Read more

Not just memory loss and mood swings, this too would be an unsuspected symptom of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s

We know how health is at the center of life for many of us. In fact, many are particularly keen to protect their bodies from any type of threat. In this case, of course, there are problems and diseases that worry more than others. In particular, we cannot in any way discard those relating to … Read more

Tumore della pelle: la nuova tecnica per scoprilo

Tumore della pelle la nuova tecnica per scoprilo

La diagnosi relativa alla presenza di tumori risulta molto complessa, i ricercatori quindi stanno cercando di ottimizzare i tempi. Quando parliamo di cancro e tumori, facciamo riferimento a patologie in cui la tempistica relativa alla diagnosi può fare la differenza nella lotta contro la malattia. Le cellule malate infatti si diffondono progressivamente nell’organismo e necessitano … Read more

Versilia loses the head of the medical area, the chief Panichi leaves and goes to Cisanello

Versilia loses the head of the medical area the chief

In the photo on the left Vincenzo Panichi (first from right) with his staff; in the photo on the right with the colleague who takes his place, doctor Elisabetta Giovannetti THE INTERVIEW. He will also work as a university professor: “For me Pisa is Real Madrid, but the 14 years here will remain in my … Read more

Are you meteoropathic? How to recognize the symptoms of a malaise that can become a disorder

Sometimes the clouds above us are also within us. And so does the sun. It is meteoropathy, a heterogeneous reaction of our organism that occurs in conjunction with changes in weather conditions or seasons. We talk about it with Carlo Marchesi, director of the School of Specialization in Psychiatry at the University of Parma and … Read more

Acute hepatitis in children, beware of these symptoms! Here are the first signs of the disease

Acute hepatitis in children beware of these symptoms Here are

Particular attention should be paid to these simple symptoms. They can mistakenly be traced back to minor pathologies, but they risk hiding the infection that in this period is terrorizing the scientific world, the pediatric hepatitis epidemic that affects American and European children. It is an abnormal spread of a disease that rarely affects children. … Read more

Skin rashes and high fever: a disease that was thought to have disappeared has returned – there is great fear

Skin rashes and high fever a disease that was thought

A viral disease returns from Africa that we thought had been completely eradicated in all its forms in 1980. Yet, doctors have come to terms with a very bitter discovery. Upon returning from Africa, a tourist began to have strange symptoms not attributable to a normal fever. Once he arrived at the hospital, the doctors … Read more