Lasse con lAustria le mosse sui contratti come lItalia puo

Convenience and energy saving are undoubted advantages but what does it take to make a home 2.0? How invasive are the surgeries? How much? What needs to change and what can stay instead? After automating the attic that you will surely remember, I asked Nice for my parents’ house as well.. here’s how it went. … Read more

Steam, saldi d’autunno: 15 giochi sotto i 15 euro da acquistare

Steam saldi dautunno 15 giochi sotto i 15 euro da

Continuiamo la panoramica su questi folti saldi autunnali di Steam con una selezione composta da 15 giochi sotto i 15 euro l’uno, effettuando dunque una scelta basata sul principio basilare su cui si incentrano gli sconti: il prezzo. Prendiamo dunque una cifra piuttosto simbolica, perché pone una barriera psicologica decisamente facile da valicare: a meno … Read more

Google Pixel 6A, shocking offer on Black Friday: historic low

Certainly there is no shortage of smartphones in offer in this Amazon Black Week. Of the many offers launched in the early days, there are few left, but there are still some very interesting gems. But you have to be very quick to take advantage of it: between less than 48 hours the Amazon exclusive … Read more

It crashed on Earth, and we saw it: here’s what happened

It crashed on Earth and we saw it heres what

Every year, many meteorites hit the Earth (and even more they disintegrate in contact with the atmosphere): none of them has ever represented a real danger, but predict its impact it could be important in order not to find us unprepared in a remote future in which, however, humanity should be at risk. For this … Read more

The next Nintendo console: let’s think about features and release date

The next Nintendo console lets think about features and release

Nintendo Switch could become the console best-selling in history (a rare achievement, who knows when someone else will have the chance again), and it is certainly destined to become the longest-lived – modern – Nintendo platform… limited to the home market. SNES lasted just under six years, N64 five years, GameCube five, Wii six. NES … Read more

Black Friday, una settimana piena di offerte: clicca e scoprile!

Black Friday una settimana piena di offerte clicca e scoprile

L’evento tra i più attesi dell’anno per fare affari e acquistare prodotti a prezzi a dir poco imbattibili è finalmente arrivato. Non perderti le promo della settimana del “Black Friday” che continuano fino al “Cyber Monday” di lunedì 28 novembre. Per approfittare delle offerte su Amazon non occorre essere iscritti ad Amazon Prime, ma i … Read more

Something incredibly extraordinary has happened in space

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

An incredible resemblance to Jupiter and an incredible list of gases: the tireless James Webb telescope has identified a particular mixture of substances near a distant world which is precisely similar to the largest planet in the solar system and which is located at 700 light years from Earth. What is special about this discovery? … Read more

Ryzen 7000 processors at 95°C in multi-thread? All regular, word of AMD

1669523408 Ryzen 7000 processors at 95°C in multi thread All regular word

defines it “the elephant in the room” AMD and, undoubtedly, it is a theme that has arisen since early reviews of the Ryzen 7000: we are talking about 95°C than the new desktop CPUs they reach under multi-threaded load. To talk about it in a post is Don Woligroski, a leading figure in the marketing … Read more

LG, the top-of-the-range smart TV costs half: an unmissable offer

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

When looking for thevisual excellence in the smart TV sector there is only one category to look into: that of televisions with OLED panels. The realism and level of detail guaranteed by this technology is, at the moment, unattainable by any other on the market. And LG, in this sector, knows (almost) no rivals. The … Read more