MDK: the story of the cult shooter released 25 years ago

MDK the story of the cult shooter released 25 years

We celebrate 25 years of MDK: despite the vivid memory in the memory of the most experienced players, Shiny’s game has not yet had a sequel. For the nostalgic corner of the week, let’s dust off a great 90s action classic, which just blows out its twenty-five candles these days. We are talking about MDK, … Read more

Air purifier: which one to choose? Prices and models

The quality ofair that you breathe every day in the open air and in indoor places strongly affects the health of citizens, yet most Italian cities cannot guarantee their healthiness. Air pollution and the smog emergency are now a chronic problem in Italy, which has repercussions not only at the environmental level but also at … Read more

Solar storm coming, beware: what can happen on earth on Sunday 8 May

Solar storm coming beware what can happen on earth on

Photo © AdobeStock Beware, a solar storm is coming and many are wondering what will happen on Earth on Sunday 8 May. Here’s what to expect. The Sun continues to record a series of eruptions and flares which inevitably arouse much interest. Here is the latest information available on this and what could happen next … Read more

FIDO, the new standard that will “kill” passwords (and that Apple, Google and Microsoft like)

from Michela Rovelli The three tech giants renew their support and commitment for the alliance that tries to imagine a new standard capable of overcoming passwords, which are increasingly numerous and increasingly risky At least eight characters, one special, numbers and capital letters. Creating a good password – and you need a new one for … Read more

NVIDIA made money from cryptomining and didn’t say it – fined $ 5.5 million by the SEC

1651920346 NVIDIA made money from cryptomining and didnt say it

There SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission), i.e. the body that supervises the US stock exchange, has fined by NVIDIA for $ 5.5 million. The company led by Jensen Huang was found guilty fromfailing to adequately communicate the impact of cryptocurrency mining on revenues from the gaming business – closely linked to the sale of GeForce … Read more

Trek to Yomi, the review of the latest little gem published by Devolver Digital

1651896248 Trek to Yomi the review of the latest little gem

The love for feudal Japan and for the cinema of masters like Kurosawa come together in Trek to Yomi, a new little imperfect gem published by Devolver Digital. The Trek to Yomi project was able, from the moment of the announcement, to draw attention to itself. The pairing of feudal Japan and Devolver Digital has … Read more

“Don’t show it to the children.” Sound the alarm on the puppet advertised by YouTubers

A puppet blue, with sharp teeth, who wants to crush the children “until the last breath“. IS Huggy Wuggy, the plush inspired by the character of the video game Poppy Playtime relaunched on the web by many youtubers and creators of content for the little ones. According to British psychologists it can “make children fear … Read more

“It is important for all the crew to keep the bridges built so far and the collaborations”

It is important for all the crew to keep the

About 400 kilometers from Earth, even a devastating war like that between Russia and Ukraine may seem distant. Up there in the International Space Station, the astronauts work in harmony. For a few days with a Russian commander, Oleg Artemyev of Roscosmos, who took the place of the American Thomas Mashburn. The Russian cosmonaut had … Read more

Samsung, the 55-inch smart TV at an all-time low: exceptional discount

Samsung, after the success obtained in the world of smartphones, has also repeated in smart TV sector. It is now a point of reference and is also one of the most active companies in the field of research to produce more and more performing screens with more realistic colors. Among the series launched in recent … Read more

This War of Mine: Final Cut, the review for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S of the survival of 11 bit studios

1651864152 This War of Mine Final Cut the review for PS5

Almost 8 years after its debut, the 11 bit studios survival arrives on PS5 and Xbox Series X | S with a definitive edition: the review of This War of Mine: Final Cut. If there’s one thing This War of Mine can do really well, dramatically well, it’s telling the horrors of war in a … Read more