Hogwarts Legacy: abbiamo visitato la scuola di magia e stregoneria più famosa del mondo

1674675868 Hogwarts Legacy abbiamo visitato la scuola di magia e stregoneria

Venticinque anni fa, un piccolo mago con una cicatrice sulla fronte ha cambiato le sorti del mondo dell’editoria, iniziando alla lettura milioni di giovani e dando origine al più grande big bang creativo degli ultimi decenni, un’esplosione che ha traghettato il nome di Harry Potter fino ai quattro angoli del mondo. Molti di quei giovani, … Read more

Fitness trackers used as silent alarm clocks – Il Post

1674589412 Fitness trackers used as silent alarm clocks Il Post

In-box is the monthly column in which the editorial staff of Consumerisms answers the most interesting questions received via email from readers looking for valid purchases, unexpected gifts and savings opportunities. Is called In-box like the email box we receive from you, but with a dash because the things we’re talking about often arrive in … Read more

Xbox Developer_Direct: date, time and what we can expect, follow with us on Twitch

Xbox Developer Direct date time and what we can expect follow

Here we are, in a few days the Developer_Direct, the event organized by Microsoft in which the news arriving for Xbox Series X | S and PC by the first party studios during the next few months will be presented. The showcase is scheduled for 21:00 Italian on Wednesday January 25, 2023. Of course you … Read more

Maserati GranTurismo, here it is inside: what a beautiful living room

Maserati GranTurismo here it is inside what a beautiful living

IT WILL ARRIVE IN JUNE, FROM AROUND 150,000 EUROS – Under the “skin” it is all new, with powerful and refined mechanics derived from that of the MC 20 supercar, and, for the first time in the history of the brand, also a 100% electric heart. Of the new one Maserati GranTurismowhich will arrive at … Read more

Whatsapp, find out who blocked you: the new very fast method

Whatsapp find out who blocked you the new very fast

Find out if someone has blocked you – Newsby WhatsApp, find out who blocked you with this new very fast method: here’s how to do it, it’s also simple to implement. This 2023 promises to be a year really full of news for Whatsapp, an application which, due to its use and popularity, is constantly … Read more

Geomagnetic storm on January 19: the origin of the phenomenon and what can happen

Geomagnetic storm on January 19 the origin of the phenomenon

Thousands of solar storms occur during one cycle of the Sun. That of January 19 will be moderated. A peak in intensity is expected in 2025 For January 19th and February 9th conditions of the Sun are expected to be more active than the other days of these weeks, and able to cause geomagnetic storms … Read more

WW2 Rebuilder, the review of the simulator that allows you to rebuild Europe after the war

1673912088 WW2 Rebuilder the review of the simulator that allows you

The review of WW2 Rebuilder, a simulator that for once puts us in the shoes of those who rebuild, instead of those who bomb. Taking a walk through the streets of Berlin, visiting the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie, it is still easy to see today the deep scars that the Second World … Read more

Lancia Thema GTS, is Stellantis serious? The unexpected return that excites Italians – Mondofuoristrada.it

Lancia Thema GTS is Stellantis serious The unexpected return that

Just a rumor, or is Stellantis serious? there may be a fourth car in Lancia’s future, the Thema GTS. An unexpected return. The Lancia Thema, the flagship par excellence of the Turin house, now controlled by Stellantis. A story that starts in 1984, when it was presented for the first time at the Motor Show … Read more

Whatsapp, comes an important novelty to put into practice immediately

1673871761 Whatsapp comes an important novelty to put into practice immediately

WhatsApp at the center of an important novelty with incredible usefulness: proxies have to do with it, to follow all the details to know When it comes to WhatsApp, great attention is always paid to useful and important news, just like in this case where proxies are involved: all the aspects to know to follow. … Read more