LAN and eSports halls: why are they illegal today and when could they reopen

LAN and eSports halls are at risk. Following a complaint, the activities that contain and allow the game (not slot machines) outside your home have been blocked. The chaos for the companies that manage these activities is linked precisely to the term used to describe the technology used, that is, “home entertainment” for home entertainment. … Read more

Shattered Tale of the Forgotten King Review: between Souls and platformers

Shattered Tale of the Forgotten King Review between Souls and.webp

Fresh from a Kickstarter campaign launched in 2016, the debut title of the French team Redlock Studio arrives – also on consoles. Shattered: Tale of the Forgotten King is a soulslike quite canonical which, however, also includes among its elements a good dose of platforming, often with a shift from 3D to 2.5D. Inspired in … Read more

Cristoforetti, on the ISS I feel at home with my American and Russian colleagues – Science & Technology

“Here I feel like in my second home, in the company of American and Russian colleagues and with my European colleague Matthias Maurer”, for six months in space with the Crew-3 mission: said Samantha Cristoforetti in the connection from the Space Station organized from ESA for the two European astronauts, together on board for a … Read more

Lan and eSport halls in Italy closed: because the state seizes video game locations

from Alessio Lana The Customs and Monopolies Agency has blocked all Italian realities of this type which will therefore be able to continue to function as shops or bars For the halls Lan and eSport it seems over. L’Customs agency and monopolies has seized all the Italian realities of this type which will therefore be … Read more

Esports and LAN rooms: the company that asked for them to be closed wants to introduce their own

Esports and LAN rooms the company that asked for them

An unexpected development arises in the case of closure of eSports and LAN rooms throughout Italy, given that the Led groupfrom which the provision of the Customs Agency and State Monopolies was triggered, would also have the intention of introduce PCs and consoles into their rooms game. After the exposure to ADM Lombardia, a questioned … Read more

WhatsApp, the word “is writing” can finally be hidden: how to do it –

WhatsApp the word is writing can finally be hidden how

Check on WhatsApp a method to hide the voice ‘He is typing’ when we are typing a message: let’s find out how to do it. There are always many tricks on WhatsApp. The last of these allows you to hide the writing ‘is typing’ when we type a message. So let’s find out how it … Read more

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, provato il battle royale free-to-play con i vampiri

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodhunt provato il battle royale free to play

Abbiamo provato Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt, il nuovo battle royale free-to-play di Sharkmob che ci mette al comando di vampiri in lotta sui tetti di Praga. È senza dubbio un periodo d’oro per Vampire: The Masquerade, la proprietà intellettuale di White Wolf che ha fatto il proprio debutto all’inizio degli anni ’90 e sta … Read more

Because the State has seized the Italian LAN and eSports halls

Because the State has seized the Italian LAN and eSports

Yesterday, as several entrepreneurs on social networks denounce, the Italian eSports halls were seized. These are rooms, the most famous of these is probably the Bergamo eSport Palace owned by AK Informatica, where people can go to play with gaming PCs connected in LAN and where real eSports tournaments are also held, those gaming-based competitions … Read more