Openjobmetis puts the fifth: thrilling victory in Verona

Openjobmetis puts the fifth thrilling victory in Verona

From our correspondent in Verona – First the undefeated Virtus, then Milan close behind and then Varese, with Tortona. Openjobmetis does not stop, it remains third in the standingssend seven men in double figurestakes another step forward towards the Italian Cup Final Eight and launches an incredible gauntlet to Segafredo who will arrive in Masnago … Read more

LIVE Sci alpino, SuperG Lake Louise 2022 in DIRETTA: Odermatt batte Kilde, Bosca sfiora la top10

XFactor 2022 MTV But Is It All True In the

CLICCA QUI PER AGGIORNARE LA DIRETTA LIVE 22.50 Grazie per averci seguito e buona notte. Un saluto sportivo. 22.47 Questi i piazzamenti finali degli altri italiani: 18° Paris a 1.64, 24° Innerhofer a 1.81, 27° Casse a 1.96. Fuori dalla zona punti Marsaglia, 39° a 2.57. Fuori Franzoso e Molteni, squalificato Franzoni per aver inforcato … Read more

Spagna-Germania: Morata e Fullkrug gol, pareggio show Finale 1-1

Russians in retreat from Kherson deputy governor of the region

di Redazione Sport La diretta dei Mondiali in Qatar 2022 con tutte le partite, le news, le formazioni in campo e i protagonisti • Prosegue oggi, domenica 27 novembre, il Mondiale in Qatar. Qui il calendario e dove vedere tutte le partite • Le gare di oggi: ore 11 Giappone-Costa Rica (0-1 – Gruppo E), … Read more

LIVE Sci alpino, SuperG Lake Louise 2022 in DIRETTA: Paris subito in gara, servono risposte dai giovani

CLICCA QUI PER AGGIORNARE LA DIRETTA LIVE I PETTORALI DI PARTENZA DEL SUPERG 20.32 Paris avanti 20 centesimi al primo intermedio, 34 al secondo. 20.31 Tracciato davvero molto veloce, difficoltà tecniche modeste. Ultimi 35 secondi quasi completamente per scivolatori. 1’34″89 il tempo del francese, ora vediamo subito Dominik Paris! 20.30 Iniziato il superG di Lake … Read more

LIVE Sci alpino, Slalom Killington 2022 in DIRETTA: Rossetti e Brignone qualificate, Shiffrin in testa. Si riparte alle 19.00

LIVE Sci alpino Slalom Killington 2022 in DIRETTA Rossetti e

CLICCA QUI PER AGGIORNARE LA DIRETTA LIVE LA CRONACA DELLA PRIMA MANCHE LA DIRETTA LIVE DEL SUPERG DI LAKE LOUISE DALLE 20.30 17.30: Per il momento è tutto, l’appuntamento è alle 19 per la seconda manche. A più tardi 17.29: Questa la classifica della prima manche dello slalom di Killington: 1 SHIFFRIN Mikaela USA 50.352 … Read more

Qatar 2022, web controversy over Adani’s exultation at Argentina’s victory: “Caveman screams”

Qatar 2022 web controversy over Adanis exultation at Argentinas victory

After minutes of tension and uncertainty, Argentina succeeded yesterday to snatch victory in the match against Mexico a Qatar 2022. The goal by Lionel Messi, with a left from the edge managed to slip into the corner to the left of Ochoa. A move that has understandably exploded the irrepressible enthusiasm of the fans of … Read more

Davis: Berrettini-Fognini ko, Canada in the final – Tennis

Anticipations Amici 22 of 191022 the outcome of the televoting

Italy’s dream of playing in the first final of the new Davis Cup format vanished in Malaga under the aces of Felix Auger-Alissime, who was decisive in bringing Canada the points to make it 2-1 which will allow them to challenge Australia tomorrow the conquest of the silver salad bowl. The doubles match on Thursday … Read more

Morocco against Belgium, the choice of El Khanouss: symbol of a new perspective for the national team – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Morocco against Belgium the choice of El Khanouss symbol of

At the World Cup in Qatar 2022 supports Morocco: the reasons for our initiative (read) ————————————– Among the communities of migrantsthe Moroccan one is one of the thickest of the whole Belgiumwith population peaks in the cities of Brussels, Antwerp And Mechelen. The challenge between Morocco And Belgiumvalid for the second day of F … Read more

Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession: “Binotto didn’t appreciate”

Charles Leclerc very heavy confession Binotto didnt appreciate

Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession ( Charles Leclerc, very heavy confession: “Binotto did not appreciate”. At the end of the season, the Ferrari driver admits his guilt, fans divided We’ve understood it for some time now, in Formula 1 there are two versions of Charles Leclerc. One is that of the seemingly mild-mannered boy who … Read more

Ronaldo obsessed with the Portugal goalkeeper approaches and orders him: “You have to laugh, f**k!”

Ronaldo obsessed with the Portugal goalkeeper approaches and orders him

A video shows what happened at the final whistle of Portugal-Ghana: Cristiano Ronaldo peremptorily addresses his goalkeeper Diogo Costa, making all his leadership weigh. Turn on notifications to receive updates on The Portugal is absolutely not to be underestimated team to these World Cupbacked by a top-level squad: behind the big favorites of the tournament … Read more