USA: ‘American citizens leave Russia immediately’. Peskov: ‘Special operation continues until Donetsk is completely liberated’ – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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After the vote ai illegal referendums for the annexation to Russia of the Donetsk, Luhansk, Zaporizhzhia And Kherson, the Federation needs men at the front even more to strengthen defense in those areas. So while hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the country, Vladimir Putin decided to open a recruiting center on the border … Read more

Ucraina – Russia, le news dalla guerra oggi.

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Concluso il referendum sull’annessione alla Federazione russa di quattro territori ucraini, si apre un altro fronte con il sabotaggio dei gasdotti tra Russia e Germania. E continua la fuga dei russi che vogliono sfuggire alla mobilitazione militare ordinata da Putin. La guerra in Ucraina, le tensioni globali: cosa c’è da sapere Le notizie in diretta … Read more

Hurricane Ian in category 4, ‘extremely dangerous’ – Latin America

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

The hurricane Ian it strengthened to become one category 4 storm “extremely dangerous,” said the National Hurricane Center as it struck the west coast of the US state of Florida. “Hurricane experts found that Ian has strengthened to become an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane,” the NHC said in a warning issued at 5am (0900 … Read more

Weather: interview with meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici, the third equinoctial storm with widespread bad weather is coming

Weather interview with meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici the third equinoctial storm

Weather: interview with meteorologist Lorenzo Tedici, the third equinoctial storm with widespread bad weather is coming A very strong disturbance is comingLast days of the month with autumn temperatures, strong winds and bad weather again on the way.We interviewed on these issues Lorenzo Tedicimeteorologist of the site So what’s going on in this strange … Read more

Sabotage, attack, submarine explosions: what happened to the Nord Stream gas pipeline

Ukraine Lukashenko admits This war has been dragging on for

Sabotage, attack with detonation or underwater explosions: these are the three hypotheses on the table to explain what happened to the Nord Stream pipeline. Plus that of the accident, which however still remains in the background. The lines of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 have suffered damage “Without precedents” in the stretch of Baltic … Read more

“They will use our weapons in the annexed territories”: US challenge to Russian referendums

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L’Ukraine will be able to continue to defend itself using the weapons received from United States and by the western bloc also in the territories that will eventually be annexed by the Russia. Directly from Washington, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinkenin fact, he explained that the US will not recognize the validity of … Read more

He left his wife for a Ukrainian refugee, now the relationship is over: the refugee has been arrested

He left his wife for a Ukrainian refugee now the

Alcohol, knives and police: this is how the relationship between Tony Garnett and the Ukrainian refugee for whom he left his wife ended Posted on: 09-27-2022 23:04 JOURNALIST AND DEBUNKER Journalist passionate about fact checking, crime and pizza. Tobacco addict and caffeine addict, since 2016 he has been collaborating with and since 2018 he … Read more

Who is Zaluzhny, the general who invented the Ukrainian resistance (and ended up on the cover of “Time”)

War in Ukraine where are we armies blocked south disputed

Raised in the Soviet Union, admirer of the Russian Chief of Staff Gerasimov, was chosen by Zelensky in 2021 and transformed the army of Kiev In those summer days, while the Russians were massing men and vehicles on the border, Zelensky did not believe intelligence reports who foresaw an imminent invasion. Zaluzhny, along with other … Read more

Moscow opens to talks with Kiev. Media: “97% of ‘yes’ to the referendums for annexation to Russia. The Duma will vote on October 4th” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

1664305324 Moscow opens to talks with Kiev Media 97 of yes

In the’last day of voting for the annexation of the occupied territories ofUkraine at the Russiathe Deputy Chairman of the Russian Security Council and former President of the Federation, Dmitry Medvedevhe goes back to talking about nuclear weapons and the right he has Fly to use them “if necessary, according to the doctrine nuclear“And” in … Read more

Gas leaks, “unprecedented” damage to three lines in the Nord Stream – Mondo

Luca Salatino and Elenoire Ferruzzi the confrontation with Soraia

Gas leaks are affecting the Nordstream 1 and 2 pipelines: the Danish government said this by announcing that it has raised its alert level on energy infrastructures.The Nord stream pipeline has experienced “unprecedented” damage to three lines of the pipeline and “it is impossible at this time to estimate the timing for the resumption of … Read more