Zelensky to Draghi: «We are not ready for negotiations». Moscow, no to the exchange of Azov prisoners | The latest news live

from Francesco Battistini, Giusi Fasano, Marta Serafini The news on Sunday 22 May about the war, live. Phone call between the Ukrainian president and the Italian premier. More civilian casualties in Donetsk and Kherson • The war in Ukraine it has reached the 88th day• The new ones video of the execution of civilians in … Read more

Flames at the Zhukosvky: why so many accidents in Russian strategic centers?

from Marco Imarisio Since the beginning of the war, the flames have engulfed several plants. If it is not the fault of the enemy, they are embarrassing malfunctions: often the state is silent Just another small fire. The latest in a series which begins to be long. Last morning, the flames that developed in an … Read more

Guerra, the live broadcast. Russian negotiator: no to the exchange between Azov and the oligarch. Zelensky thanks Draghi

Guerra the live broadcast Russian negotiator no to the

Exchange of prisoners and resumption of negotiations. And if from the epilogue of the history of the Asovstal steel mill the path of negotiations between Ukraine And Russia? Is it possible that one of the bloodiest and most dramatic pages of this conflict precedes the resumption of dialogue? Some signs from yesterday seemed to say … Read more

Naval blockade and food crisis: the battle for the port of Odessa

20 million tons of grain are still in the Ukrainian silos. Russian fleet prevents trade transit, Ukrainians aim to recapture Snake Island to break blockade Odessa was only touched by the war, but its port – the most important in the Black Sea – was blocked by the Russians since the beginning of Vladimir Putin’s … Read more

Beaten and thrown from the balcony at the party: student killed by the pack of peers

First beaten kicked, trampled and thrown off the balcony, then stripped and washed with the bleach to cover up the traces of the murder. This is what four boys did to a 24-year-old of the same age Bill Henham killed during a New Years party a Brighton in England. A murder … Read more

Schröder, mistero sulle dimissioni: perché ha lasciato Rosneft?

di Paolo Valentino L’ex cancelliere tedesco, dopo settimane di polemiche, ha abbandonato l’incarico nel gigante russo del petrolio. Il Bundestag gli ha revocato ufficio e staff, la Spd non sa come gestirlo Dal nostro corrispondenteBERLINO — Cosa sta difendendo l’ex cancelliere tedesco, Gerhard Schröder, con la decisione improvvisa, dopo mesi di rifiuto, di dimettersi dal … Read more

Ukraine, Zelensky: ‘No negotiations without Azovstal’s defenders’ – World

Ukraine Zelensky No negotiations without Azovstals defenders World

War in Ukraine can only end with means “diplomats“said President Volodymyr Zelensky, speaking to a Ukrainian TV channel, while the negotiations between Moscow and Kiev are at a standstill. The war” will be bloody, it will be fought, but it will definitely end with diplomacy, “Zelensky said. . Meanwhile Azovstal has fallen. After 86 days … Read more

Italy is importing a lot of Russian oil – Il Post

While in the European Union the need to stop oil imports from Russia is being discussed, in recent months Italy has moved in the opposite direction to most European countries. According to data collected by the Financial TimesItaly this month imported 450,000 barrels of crude oil from Russia: it is four times the quantity that … Read more

Greta Thunberg is changing her approach – Il Post

Greta Thunberg is changing her approach Il Post

The great media exposure received in recent years has pushed Greta Thunberg to drastically reduce its presence in the media, with the aim of bringing out the many voices of other young activists and activists who all over the world organize meetings and initiatives to talk about the climate crisis and beyond. The change took … Read more