In Northern Ireland Sinn Féin will win – Il Post

Loading player In Northern Ireland, for the first time in its history, the left-wing nationalist party Sinn Féin, which has among its objectives the reunification of Ireland with Northern Ireland, will get the majority of seats in parliament. It is a result predicted for weeks by the polls, but still considered historic: according to several … Read more

Ukraine. The UN: wheat blocked, ports reopened. Missiles over Odessa

The statue of philosopher Hryhoriy Skovoroda amidst the rubble of the National Memorial Museum dedicated to him in Skovorodynivka, Kharkiv region – Reuters The United States “participates in hostilities in Ukraine” wrote the president of the Duma (the Russian Parliament), Vyacheslav Volodin, on his Telegram channel. “It’s not just about the supply of weapons and … Read more

Nuove armi Usa a Kiev. Zelensky apre a nuovi colloqui di pace. Ucraina Russia, le news di oggi sulla guerra

di Lorenzo Cremonesi, Giusi Fasano, Marco Imarisio, Marta Serafini, Paolo Foschi Le notizie di sabato 7 maggio sulla guerra in Ucraina, in diretta. Attesa per il discorso del 9 maggio di Putin: dichiarer la guerra totale all’Ucraina? • La guerra in Ucraina arrivata al 73esimo giorno.• sempre pi critica la situazione dell’acciaieria di Azovstal a … Read more

Zeelensky fears the heaviest air raids on Victory Day

AGI – Other military aid for 150 million dollars will arrive from the US. These are mostly artillery ammunition and radar, but the arms funds for Kiev are already practically finished, Biden said. “Congress must quickly unlock the package required to strengthen Ukraine on the battlefield and on the negotiating table,” the US president asked, … Read more

Raids and bombs. And now the Tsar accuses Poland: “A threat”

The weapons speak in Ukraineeven if in the last hours the most important news have arrived on the diplomatic front. Yesterday, in fact, registered the first glimmers of compromise on the Crimea. In particular, the Ukrainian president Zelensky announced the possibility of peace agreements even without the Ukrainian recovery of the peninsula, on the condition … Read more

Ukraine, Biden: new military aid to Kiev for 150 million dollars, yellow on the Russian frigate in flames – World

Ukraine Biden new military aid to Kiev for 150 million

The situation of the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol compared to hell by Ukrainian Prime Minister Zelensky and the UN secretary is increasingly criticized. “The worst is that we have still civilians in the air-raid shelters “, he said, specifying that” lately, after a heavy bombardment, 2 civilians have died and I think 10 injured. … Read more

Ukraine, direct. Biden: on May 9 the law for sending weapons to Kiev. Zelensky opens to peace with the renunciation of Crimea

Ukraine direct Biden on May 9 the law for sending

A Russian frigate is burning near Snake Island in the Black Sea.Admiral Makarovalready involved in an attack on the city of Odessa in April. A new blow to the Russian fleet and a precious goal conquered by the Ukrainians, who would have reached the ship with a Neptune rocket, according to the deputy Oleksiy Honcharenko … Read more

Ukraine – Russia, news from the war today. Zelensky opens to peace with renunciation of the Crimea. Biden: another 150 million in military aid. Kiev: Russian frigate hit in the Black Sea

Ukraine would be willing to accept a compromise peace agreement with Russia if Moscow’s forces withdraw “to their February 23 positions”.President Volodymyr Zelensky said so. “For our part, not all diplomatic bridges have been burned,” he said. Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden hasannounced new military aid of $ 150 million to counter Russian aggression. And … Read more

The Makarov frigate hit less than a month after the cruiser Moskva. Moscow denies

from Marta Serafini, sent to Kiev: a missile, then the fire. Satellite images show an explosion off the coast of Odessa. The Kremlin denies. After the sinking of the Moskva, it is the best of the three large combat ships left to the Russians, one of the jewels of the Tsar’s Navy Latitude: 44.98775. Longitude … Read more

Inauguration of the gas pipeline connecting Poland and Latvia: “Response to Moscow’s energy blackmail”

“Today we consecrate ours independence energetic “: all in this Europe they wish they could say the same to the gas barrel, to exorcise the embarrassing dependence from Fly. But for the moment, this mantra of EU wishes has only been recited in a small Lithuanian village called Jauniuai and which has just 165 inhabitants, … Read more