A coincidence Sabrina Ferilli’s post against the cover of Vanessa Incontrada: «Body shaming? Enough crusades “

from Candida Morvillo

The actress on Instagram against the excess of controversy (and covers) on the body: «Let’s talk about Vanessa’s work. I criticize this way of telling everything and the opposite of her “

As everyone tells it, there is Sabrina Ferilli who is fed up with the covers of Vanessa Incontrada in the flesh but happy, the whole affair that has been on the web and social media for 48 hours, however, is much more complex than that. To begin with, Ferilli – in one of his comments on Instagram that he joins the chorus of those who “just can’t take more thanexcess of body positivity
– she has it not so much with her colleague, but with those who insist on pigeonholing her as symbol of body shaming

Third cover

Incontrada, in fact, on the last one cover by Vanity Fair
(his third on the topic)
, appears together with the title «You are beautiful – They shout it to him from the squares of Italy, in spite of the criticisms». In the seven-page interview, Vanessa talks little about her body. They ask her what she tried when she saw herself paparazzi in a bikini on another weekly and she replies “Indifference”. And, in the report, she does not mention the “beautiful” shouted in the squares.

Step back

To understand the reference, we need to take a step back to June 8, when the weekly New
publishes a photo stolen on the beach, of Vanessa in a bathing suit, which shows an apparent size 48. Four days earlier, on Instagram, she had put a photo of her running wearing an apparent size 42. Hence, a hell of criticism via social media to the director of the New
, Riccardo Signoretti, accused of having made it worse with Photoshop or of having the wrong person or in any case of having done body shaming even just by publishing it. Ten days pass and, on June 18, the Vanessa Incontrada who takes the stage in Piazza del Plebiscito as guest of the Gigi D’Alessio show and Raiuno is a beautiful one curvy squeezed into a little black dress that has a size closer to the one seen on the New

than to the self-published runner version. And it is here that the square intones «You are beautiful», therefore, Gigi D’Alessio makes her eat a mozzarella in favor of the camera, a clear answer to those who criticize her for her physical form. With Vanity
where that «you are beautiful» echoes, we would be at the closing circle: Vanessa photographed there, however, is almost as thin as the one who ran on Instagram, with an apparent size 44.


The social comments are of this tenor: “Do you think it is right to represent the curvy woman only if they are photoshopped and polished”. In the day after you did not want to make any statements about this affair. Sabrina Ferilli had written: «… I criticize this way of telling everything and the opposite of everything that leads to an unbearable short circuit! Probably she too broke to be put in the middle of this story that has lasted for centuries! It is that at a certain point, as a mature woman, she must also understand that these stories no longer make sense … And maybe do one less cover and tell that she is working, since she deservedly works so hard! Come on then! Stop it”.

Too many controversies

Signoretti, on the other hand, specifies that his report was about the summer since single of Vanessa and made no reference to her physical form: «Besides – he says – I was sure it was her: we checked it from the tattoo on the wrist and from the teeth and I asked for a written guarantee that the photo was recent and not retouched. But unfortunately people are so used to the fake photo that they don’t believe in the real one ». In the end, the series of false assumptions ended up generating the opposite effect: too many controversies at random and out of proportion and a lot of people fed up with saying «stop talking about body positivity and body shaming».

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A coincidence Sabrina Ferilli’s post against the cover of Vanessa Incontrada: «Body shaming? Enough crusades ”

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