A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Corona’s house and stole 50,000 euros in front of her son? The shocking tale of Fabrizio and Carlos

Fabrizio Corona and Carlos in a video published on Instagram deny what Nina Moric has said to the media so far. The former king of the paparazzi and the son tell another truth than that revealed by the showgirl and model in an interview with Corriere della Sera. The 45-year-old, the 48-year-old’s ex-wife and the boy’s mother, would have introduced herself to the home of a few days ago Crown and would have rlocated 50 thousand euros in front to the son. The tale it is shocking, Fabrizio would have gone to Nina’s house, not escaping from house arrest, as reported by the newspapers, but with a regular permit that authorized him to leave the house, to try to recover the stolen money. Not succeeding in his intent, to thus protect the image of the ex, he found himself forced to file a complaint for aggravated theft: Carlos would be a witness of the fact.

A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Corona’s house and stole 50,000 euros in front of her son? The shocking tale of Fabrizio and Carlos

“I’m sorry that we are still forced to talk and intervene on social networks about family issues that should be discussed within the walls of the house, but they cannot be discussed within the walls of the house if these facts become public and are reported by the major Italian newspapers in the most wrong, especially from a legal point of view and objectivity of the facts, because I am still a prisoner under house arrest”Begins Corona seated at the table next to the son.

“We tell in a very short time, so the press will not be able to distort our declarations, which must be made, what happened on Friday – Fabrizio continues – The Lady Nina Moric she has been missing from Italy for about three months. She hadn’t heard from her son Carlos for about three months, she didn’t even look for him. After three months, she showed up on Friday trying to talk to him. Carlos, as he had recovered from a bad period, called me asking if he thought he should answer her mother. I told him to do what he felt like doing. He preferred not to answer her, telling her that in case she could come and visit him at home “.

1651573507 411 A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Coronas house
The 48-year-old and the 20-year-old, after the statements of the showgirl, tell another truth

The reason for the call, according to the words of Crownwould have been to seek “A Postepay to get his illegal payments made in the name of his son, not thinking about what it could cause to Carlos. After an hour of searching for Carlo Maria’s Moric, phoning all those who are part of my staff, the lady came to my house which is also the operational headquarters of my company. At that moment there was only Carlos who is never alone in this house ”.

La Moric, arrived in the house of the entrepreneur, “She came in with her face covered, she intercomed, she stole the shopping, ha stolen ten euros from Carlos’s wallet, she took Postepay, downloaded 25 euros and then went to the room where she knew there was the company’s money: 50 thousand euros cash. She took them and took them away, calling a taxi. She stole her ex-husband’s house front in the eyes of the son. So he emphasizes Fabrizio Corona. “Carlos is a witness to all of this”. He specifies and invites the 20-year-old to speak and tell the facts.

“I was at home, at the moment when the theft took place I was present and I am an eyewitness to what happened. Unfortunately, we currently do not know where the money is, we are not interested in getting it back or anything else, we want justice for the things we have reported “says Carlos Maria.

1651573507 507 A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Coronas house
The Croatian’s ex-husband would have been forced to report the 45-year-old for aggravated theft

“I have not escaped as the newspapers report – clarifies Crown after taking up the word again – I had a permit to leave my home at 9 pm. Me, Carlo and my girlfriend Sara Barbieri went to the residence where Ms. Moric is staying because I still want a little bit of good. Because if I file a theft report with an eyewitness they can confirm, which is the son, with cameras recording and a taxi picking her up, she goes through a trial that represents the greatest humiliation of her entire life, risking up to three years of imprisonment. And she will be ruined for life ”.

“When we got to the residence where she is staying, she started screaming like crazy saying that she never came to my house and that Carlos was not well. So she called the police who arrived: she did the search and did not find the money. We also called the police. The day after Nina Moric she had the courage to leave an interview with Corriere in which she said she never showed up here, adding that she would have sued me for slander. At this point I was forced to report her for aggravated theft of the sum of money and for Carlos who is in awe of his mother and therefore there is intimidation “points out Corona.

“I’m sorry to be at the center of attention for these controversies but unfortunately, as often happens, I have to defend myself like this, on social media. I invite the Police Force to do as they do with me when there is a problem to investigate Mrs Moric immediately, to put her phone under control, to follow her and to find the money. To do their job “he adds. Then, turning to Nina’s lawyer she invites him to “Have a minimum of intelligence and call to make a transaction, because even if the money is not found, and this is not the problem, he has a report for theft. The biggest humiliation is that he lost a son and that he will be the one to report her in court “.

1651573508 548 A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Coronas house
The Moric on the social instead continues to point the finger at her son

The Moric in his IG Stories she responds to the accusations by publishing chats with her son who, as she always said, would never look for her (the boy has been living in his father’s house for two months). “If you stop lying about me I will stop telling the truth about you! Nothing good will come of lying. I’m sorry! You knew what you were doing and you knew it was going to hurt me, but somehow that didn’t stop you… amen “, he writes to Carlos.

The Croatian concludes: “I’m sorry but I don’t deserve it anymore. Sometimes you just have to admit that you are wrong and take your responsibilities, you are no longer a child, but you are a 20-year-old man! I am not denying you, but I am educating you. You are not the victim. You never were. Now you have become an accomplice ”.

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A few days ago Nina Moric broke into Corona’s house and stole 50,000 euros in front of her son? The shocking tale of Fabrizio and Carlos

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