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Bologna, 4 July 2022 – Tomorrow will be over a year without Raffaella Carrà. And in the city that saw it grow, Bellaria Igea Marinajust tomorrow it will come entitled the cycle and pedestrian promenadecomplete with a plaque and a side dish of shows – songs, ballets, memories – about what in his childhood city was simply called Lella.

But Raffa was – indeed is – a national heritage. She is a singer, dancer, actress, presenter, she loved to say of herself that it was like a “living video clip”: you had to listen to it and above all see it. And this will be done by viewers, in a long non-stop that Rai dedicates to the Carrà. After the Special Tg3 broadcast yesterday, programs by and with Raffaella will follow one another for an entire week, testifying to the public’s love for the national Raffa.

Raffaella Carrà: a year has passed since her death
Raffaella Carrà: a year has passed since her death

The seafront in Bellaria

The waterfront, an important piece of the town’s urban project, will therefore bear the name of Raffaella: the star of the show who has inextricably linked its history with that of Bellaria Igea Marina.
The appointment with the title is scheduled for tomorrow, Tuesday 5 July, at 6 pm at Piazzale Kennedy. The young students of the municipal music school of the Vittorio Belli Center, but they will also be present well-known national artists. The songs and ballets, interspersed with memories, will be the prelude to the official speeches of the authorities.
Mayor Filippo Giorgetti declares: “During the ceremony, we will discover the toponymic plaque but above all we have thought of a moment of entertainment, particularly heartfelt and meaningful for the whole community, to remember the famous citizen through the music and joy that have always characterized her artistic career “.

Raffaella Carrà, an international star

Queen of television – in black and white and in color – host of many successful television programs (starting from ’95 ‘”Carramba! What a surprise”, which recorded sensational audience records), Raffaella Carrà was an international star, symbol of lightness and tenacity. With his uncovered navel and the Tuca Tuca has been able to interpret the desire for freedom and transgression in 70’s and has publicly pledged to support ideal and social battles: respect for the lgbt community, the promotion of distance adoptiongreat attention to the professional training of young people.

She passed away on July 5, 2021 at the age of 78, in silence, because she had hidden the disease that had struck her. She wanted to be remembered as she had always been: beautiful and sparkling, with her unmistakable, loud laugh.
Raffaella Carrà is absolutely the history of television.

It has sold 60 million recordspublished in 37 countries in the world. In Spain, in Madrid, where he had worked for many years, the July 6 one will be dedicated to her square during the gay pride week.

Tribute to Raffaella: the Rai program schedule

Rai dedicates ample space to the memory of the artist in its schedules: from “Unomattina Estate” to “Summer in Direct”, from national news programs to regional editions of the TGR. This is the complete schedule:

Tuesday 5th July

– 1.00 pm Rai Storia – Raffaella in black and white: from the 1960s to 1970. Raffaella begins working on TV in small parts in some theatrical productions and scripted novels, and in minor varieties, taking advantage of her training at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia . He attempts a film career, even overseas, as evidenced by a rare interview given in New York to the news correspondent Ruggero Orlando. The occasion takes place between 1969 and 1970, when he convinces the Rai executive Giovanni Salvi to have his own space in the show “I Agata and you”.
– 3.15 pm – You begin to tell – In the talk aired in 2019 Raffaella Carrà interviews the great protagonists of music, cinema and entertainment.
– 7.30 pm Rai Storia – Hello Raffaella, the debut of a revolution – Anthology of the first episode (October 3, 1983) of the program that revolutionized public TV, discovering a new time slot and a new way of doing entertainment. In that first episode, guest Renzo Arbore, who in 1976 was the first to conduct a telephone quiz on Rai.
– 8.30 pm Rai 1 – Techetecheté dedicates an entire episode to the queen of TV, proposing the most loved and popular fragments of broadcasts entered in the history of the small screen.

Wednesday 6th July

– 1.00 pm Rai Storia – Raffaella in black and white: the very songs – Second chapter of the biography of Raffaella Carrà. Immediately rewarded by high approval ratings, she was chosen as a showgirl for the Canzonissima 1970/71, alongside Corrado, immediately setting a new female model on TV. The couple is recalled for the 1971/72 edition, that of “tuca tuca”.
– 7.30 pm Rai Storia – She ends up telling the story: Anthology of the interviews with Raffaella Carrà released on Rai by Enzo Biagi (2000), Bruno Vespa (2004), Vincenzo Mollica (2007) and Fabio Fazio (2013 and 2019).
– 9.10 pm Rai Storia – Raffaella Carrà, the life of a great figure on the small screen, declined in the various phases of her television career: singer, dancer, author, presenter, talent scout. Journey into the career of the queen of TV and the emotions she gave to Italians in her 60-year career.

Thursday 7th July

– 1.00 pm Rai Storia – Anthology of the TV show “What an evening” (1978), directed by Gino Landi, the first color show with Carrà, who shares the space with the imitator Alighiero Noschese (with whom he had already worked on Canzonissima ’71) and the couple Paolo Panelli-Bice Valori. On air since March 4, 1978, “Ma che sera” is famous for opening theme “Happy Birthday” – shot at Italia in Miniatura in Rimini – and for the verse “how beautiful it is to make love from Trieste down” and found himself being transmitted during the Moro kidnapping, with the precise desire to entertain Italians in a tragic moment of republican history.

Friday 8th July

– 1.00 pm Rai Storia – Anthology of the 1981 TV show “A thousand million”, an “American” show that saw Raffaella Carrà as an international presenter. The program, a “summa” of Carrà’s international career, was recorded around the capitals of the nations where the showgirl’s success was sensational: Buenos Aires, Rome, Mexico City, London and Moscow, at the time the capital of Soviet Union separated by the “Iron Curtain” of the Cold War.

Saturday 9th July

– 1.00 pm Rai Storia – Anthology of the television show Milleluci in 1974 directed by Antonello Falqui, author with Roberto Lerici of this excursus on the history of the show, which Raffaella Carrà with Mina lead as a couple, the first time of two women together.

RaiPlay and Good evening Raffaella

For the anniversary, the Rai platform published for the first time the episodes of the historic program conducted by Carrà, in prime time on Rai 1 from December 1985 to March 1986. The 15 episodes were made partly in Rome and partly in New York, with the participation of many Italian and international guests.
Also available on RaiPlay Canzonissima (2 seasons, 1970-1971), Milleluci (8 episodes 1974), But what an evening (6 episodes 1978), Carràmba! What a surprise (8 episodes 1995), fiction and film starring Carrà. RaiPlay Sound-In home page a strip of audio contributions from various Radio Rai programs with interviews with the showgirl and extracts from shows in which she was the protagonist. For the occasion, the audio version of All the colors of Raffaa program already present in the RaiPlay catalog, which pays tribute to Raffaella Carrà by retracing her career.

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A year without Raffaella Carrà – Shows – ilrestodelcarlino.it

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