“After three girls I get a boy …” Michelle Hunziker in tears on social media, crazy with joy – newsby

Michelle Hunziker, soon will not only be a grandmother, but a beautiful boy. After raising and cuddling three daughters for the showgirl, the time has come to hang a nice blue bow on the front door. She can’t hold back the joy in front of her followers.

The Swiss presenter with a contagious smile, Michelle Hunziker managed to achieve success, becoming one of the most loved TV presenters in Italy, starting over 25 years ago, from a small town in Switzerland, with just 1783 inhabitants.

We know his show business debut it happened through a commercial of a well-known underwear brand and she herself still jokes about it, admitting that her entry took place with “the back”, referring to the “Roberta” advertising billboard, that in the mid-nineties, stood out on all the walls of Italy with his perfect B-side on display. But the real breakthrough Michelle, she got it when she met her Eros Ramazzotti, one of the most loved and famous singers in Italy, with whom he had his first child at just 19 years old Aurora who is now 26 years old and will soon become a mother in turn.

After three girls I get a boy Michelle Hunziker

Michelle Hunziker’s weddings

The marriage of Michelle Hunziker and Eros Ramazzotti it was for many Italians a real love story, with all the ingredients that made it unique and wonderful. He, the beloved and unattainable singer-songwriter, she the beautiful blonde girl from the province, who conquers him in Milan, after a concert.

Photos of her and the singer always together and with little Aurora with themwent crazy in the gossip newspapers of those times, not to mention the beautiful images of their wedding, celebrated in April 1998 at the Orsini Odescalchi castle in Bracciano, with Tina Turner guest and protagonist of a concert that has remained in history. We all know, however, that that fairy tale ended at some point and Michelle and Eros they officially parted in 2009, each to continue on their own path. After various real or alleged flirtations, the presenter of Strip the Newsthanks to Vittorio Feltri in 2011 he met Tomaso Trussardi, son of the founder of the well-known Italian fashion house. The two will get married in 2014 and from their union Sun are born (2013) and Heavenly (2015). Unfortunately, as is well known, Michelle’s second marriage has recently been suddenly interrupted.

Three beautiful daughters

Sunny and always with a smile Michelle Hunziker, with two failed marriages behind her, he has always found strength and energy thanks to his three beautiful daughters. Aurora the oldest, who is already taking her first steps in the world of entertainment, as well as being very followed on Instagram and the smallest ones, more protected in their privacy, being minors, but who already promise great achievements.

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The Swiss presenter however, he never hid that in this beautiful pink trioshe would have loved to enter a handsome boy. Although Michelle has ended her love affairs with her two ex-husbands (with Trussardi actually, recently, there have been small signs of rapprochement, but nothing has been confirmed), it must be said who has remained on excellent terms with them. With Eros in particular she has a beautiful complicity and a deep mutual affection, now stainless.

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The happiness of the future grandmother for the baby boy

All the more so that in addition to Aurora, now the incoming grandson will keep them together, that finally to Michelle’s delight it will be a boy. The news of Aurora’s pregnancy that she has been engaged to for many years Coffredo Cerza, was leaked in the newspapers at the end of last summer before being confirmed by those directly involved. Great celebration and exultation when the sex of the baby was discovered. It was inevitable for all Michelle Hunziker fans to wonder how the future grandmother reacted (very young at only 45 years old !!) in front of the wonderful news.

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The opportunity to know has been made available by the protagonist, in the last few hours. Michelle indeed through the stories of Instagram has opened a boxgranting to its over 5 million followersthe chance to ask her a few questions or simply communicate with her. “You’ve always dreamed of having a baby boy, and it will come soon! Best wishes from the heart, young grandmother! ” It is the message written by a user. Immediate response from Hunziker: “Do you see that I get excited just thinking about it? Auri (Aurora ed) always teases me. I will be the happiest grandmother on the planet and I can’t wait, the universe has listened to me, after three beautiful females, a boy arrives. Do you think that in April I will have a nice little boy in her arms, to cuddle, to “clean up everything”, that’s enough, I’ll stop because I cry bye! ” Concludes the presenter visibly excited.

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“After three girls I get a boy …” Michelle Hunziker in tears on social media, crazy with joy – newsby

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