Alberto Matano: “Everything has changed”. Confession after the wedding with Riccardo

Alberto Matano he is married to Riccardo Mannino last June 11, enjoying a splendid honeymoon in Pantelleria after the wedding; after a short time, the journalist and presenter confessed in an interview for Republic what changed after the big step.

Alberto Matano, the confession after the marriage with Riccardo

Fifteen and long years of love and finally the civil union last June 11 in Labicocelebrated by her friend and colleague Mara Venier: the marriage between the conductor Alberto Matano and the lawyer Riccardo Mannino made everyone dream after a long time spent away from the spotlight, also sparking a media hype that has rarely been so great.

So it hasn’t been long since the big day, but Alberto Matano in an interview given to Republic she confessed to all the changes that have taken place in her relationship and in her life. “On the intimate level, everything has changed“, Explained the conductor of Rai 1.

But this is not a negative change, because the two newlyweds found themselves living one love story in the sunlight after years spent in total privacy. Things seem to have changed especially for Riccardo, certainly not accustomed to public attention: “The real change was in fact for him, with the photographers who followed us, but he is a resolute person, a solid man, he lives everything naturally. , it’s ironic “, explained Matano, also revealing her husband’s reaction after seeing his own paparazzi at the sea:” In life I’m better “, these are the ironic words of the lawyer who, despite everything, knows how to best live changes despite the little habit.

The attention to date is certainly a lot from the media point of viewbut there is nothing more beautiful than being able to live everything in the light of the sun after so many years, and this is what the two newlyweds intend to do for a lifetime.

Alberto and Riccardo, the result of sharing their love

“In addition to the magical feeling between us of great happiness, from the audience there was a wave of lovea collective hug: wherever I’ve been in Italy I have felt the affection: congratulations and best wishes “, said Matano in the interview with Republic.

Their life has changed, but for the better. After deciding to make their relationship and even their marriage public, even being exposed (sometimes too much) can have the positive side, although it can often be excessive for those who are not used to it. The messages received by the host are an example, because sharing always has a consequence: “Many young people have written to me, victims of bullying, teenagers mocked for their physical appearance or orientation. Sharing had a weight“.

An important and beautiful weight in this case, we can say it. And now, after the wedding, the honeymoon with her Riccardo and all the changes that have come from this sharing, the host is ready to return to television with the new season of Live Life, which will be broadcast on Rai 1 starting next September 5th.

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Alberto Matano: “Everything has changed”. Confession after the wedding with Riccardo

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