Alessia Mancini, the former tissue changes her life: her first book is already a best seller

Alessia Mancini in 1997 he teamed up with Marina Graziani as a tissue of Strip the News and in 1999 he was with Gerry Scotti at Word of mouth. In her career she has done many things: actress, showgirl, presenter and now the role of writer is added to her list. In fact, your first book comes out for Electa Mondadori, Smile is the secret ingredient.

Alessia Mancini, from showgirl to writer

Alessia Mancini for years she has been one of the leading faces of Mediaset, leading and alongside the greatest conductors, in numerous programs that have marked the history of television. We have already mentioned the timeless Strip the News And the legendary Word of mouthas far as Junior Bake Off Italy. But today Alessia is something more, she is a complete artist and she wanted to share her two passions: cooking and beauty.

Actually, I’m not a secret. In fact, they are already known to the over one million users who follow her daily on her social profiles, Instagram and Facebook, where she dispenses recipes and numerous practical tips. Freshness, loyalty, humanity, empathy and professionalism have always been some of the adjectives that have guaranteed the affection of the general public.

Alessia Mancini, her first book

Numerous recipes, social content and live coverage that he creates on his profiles are always a triumph, often reaching over a million fans. Strengthened by this success and driven by the public’s desire to know more, Alessia Mancini has decided to transform these passions of his and his experience on social profiles into a book, Smile is the secret ingredientwhich only with the pre-order reached i first place in the sales rankingalready becoming the best seller of the moment.

“This book is the son of change, it takes its cue from my opening to a new world, that of social media which I thought did not belong to a person who has always protected their privacy like me”, writes Alessia Mancini in the introduction of the book, and he adds “If in the past it was nice to enter the homes of Italians, what I love most today is the idea of ​​letting you enter my home, the place where I cultivate and experience my two great passions: cooking and beauty”.

Alessia Mancini, the affection of followers on Instagram

The book by Mancini, who is married to Flavio Montrucchio and has two children, Mya and Orlando, raised the enthusiasm of his followers, so much so that on his Instagram profile we find wonderful and celebratory messages like this: “Ohiii Ale!!!! It’s true!!! It is thanks to Isola and your cuisine that you have become a great friend of ours…From the first stories of Flavio who opened the doors of your house to us while you were still in Honduras…I remember one of your first videos while you were arranging the orchids they were annoyed by your absence and one in which you made pesto with the Thermomix ….

I was a little amazed to see you for the first time in your private life and how you were master and aware of everything that happened in your home, to then slowly see how you personally, like one of us, took care of every aspect of your home and family….And from there slowly you became a constant presence, yours are the stories and direct that I am happiest to find when I open Instagram. I’m your age and I’ve known you forever, since you were on Non è la Rai, but I never thought that one day you would become like a “friend”.

I respect you very much for who you are and for what you have created and maintained. I look forward to receiving your book. I bought it because it interests me a lot but above all to thank you for what you share about your life, in your own way, different from all the other people I follow. The most pleasant and true. I hope there is never an end. Can’t wait for the bedroom project to begin! I wish you great and well-deserved success with the book and everything else. Thank you. I love you ❤️”

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Alessia Mancini, the former tissue changes her life: her first book is already a best seller

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