Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? / The dancer cries and ..

Dario eliminated; Albe, Alex and Serena join the other three finalists

Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? As usual it is Maria De Filippi to deal with the final verdicts. The first to discover that he is officially admitted to the final, together with the other finalist competitors, is Alex who for the first time shows a dazzling smile. Dario, on the other hand, is officially eliminated. Maria communicates it to him with an affectionate and sincere hug: “I hope you have been well, that you believe in what you do”, She tells him before greeting him and making him wish him for the future. Albe and Serenainstead, they continue their journey together. Being tied, they are both admitted by right to the final of Amici. They will play the victory with Alex, Luigi, Sissi and Michele. (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Albe, Alex, Serena and Dario in the ballot of Amici 2022

At the end of third heat of Amici 21 it is Luigi who wins the final. The jury, in the challenge with Alex and Albe, praised in particular the tests of the pupil of Rudy Zerbi, who in the end won the coveted golden jersey. Now there are four left to contend for the two remaining places for the final: Alex and Albe for singing and Serena and Dario for dancing are playing all out with the latest performances. However, there are those who bet that among the eliminated there will be the last singer left at Pettinelli: Albe risks leaving the race one step away from the final and, like him, probably also his teammate Dario. The outcome is now very little. (Update by Anna Montesano)

Who will be eliminated in the semi-final of Amici 21?

Also the semi-final of Amici 21 it will be characterized by a hard-fought final ballot. The eighth episode of the evening of Amici 2022, which anticipates the final next week, will have two eliminated, both decided at the end of the ballot. The operation of the semifinal, on the other hand, is completely different: in fact, four will compete to stay in the school at the end of the episode and not two as usual.

The usual final challenge of Amici 21 on stage will therefore be four, then it will be up to the jury to decide who will be eliminated and who, instead, will win the final. But which are the four students who ended up in the ballot in the semi-final of Amici 21? It is about Sunrises, singer pupil of Anna Pettinelli; Dario, student dancer of Veronica Peparini; Alex, singer student of Lorella Cuccarini e Serena, dancer and pupil of Raimondo Todaro.

Albe, Alex, Serena or Dario: who was eliminated at the evening Amici 21

Four students risk the elimination of Amici 2022 from the evening tonight and not accessing the final next week. We know that each of the four students will perform as always in the center of the studio but no one will be saved before returning to the house. Only there Maria De Filippi will announce the two names who won the final and the two who, instead, will have to permanently drop out of Amici’s school. But which of the four pupils had to drop out of school and the competition? Tonight there are no certain advances on the eliminated and, therefore, twists and turns are not to be excluded.


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Alex, Albe, Serena, Dario: who was eliminated Amici 2022? / The dancer cries and ..

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