Alfonso Signorini, revealed the name of one of his famous ex: do you know who he is?

Some time ago quite interesting rumors had circulated about Alfonso Signorini and his alleged ex-boyfriend. There was much discussion on this, but no confirmation had ever arrived from those directly involved. But who could this mysterious man be? With those who shared the happiness the famous conductor of the Big Brother Vip? As many will know, Alfonso Signorini is one of the most famous faces on the Italian television scene. Famous with the nickname “king of gossip”, Signorini has been the director of the famous gossip magazine for many years Who and has been at the helm of the Big Brother Vip, where he demonstrates his enormous talent in recognizing those faces that can work and that can create certain dynamics within a reality show, which is able to involve the public to the point of making the ratings very high. Everyone now knows the sexual orientation of Alfonso Signorini, but few know that the conductor experienced a very different situation before coming out. Talk to Giacomo Urtis during the Gf Vip gave rise to an unprecedented revelation.

Urtis, in fact, revealed that he lived with a woman before realizing that this was not his path to happiness. Urtis was so in love that he had no eyes for anyone else, but then a new awareness emerged. After hearing the story, Alfonso Signorini revealed that he lived a very similar period in his life. “I too lived with a girl like you for 7 years, I was deeply in love with her, but of these 7 years I remember so much love but also so much greyness, every day was the same, I had no emotional peaks and I felt inside me that something was wrong “. With the story of him, Alfonso Signorini wanted to explain how difficult it is to live such a situation. In short, the conductor later realized that he was not attracted to women, but that he was interested in people of his own gender, and for this reason he preferred to dedicate himself only to men from a sentimental point of view. The conductor has also been attributed several flirts with influential characters from the entertainment world in recent years.

In particular, according to donnapop, Alfonso Signorini seems to have had in the past a relationship with a face that belongs to the small screen, which among other things is well known and loved in Italy. We are talking about Cristiano Malgioglio, also openly gay. The two have known each other for a long time. And, when Cristiano became a competitor of the Gf Vip, revealed to one of his roommates that he flirted with the host. Of course, this aroused the incredible curiosity of all reality TV viewers. After the unexpected confession of Cristiano Malgioglio, Alfonso Signorini made a comment to clarify everything. “Malgy, you don’t know how to keep a cecio in your mouth even to pay you! We promised each other before entering the House of the Gf Vip that you would be silent about this “.

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Alfonso Signorini, revealed the name of one of his famous ex: do you know who he is?

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