Alice Bellagamba of Amici, here’s what happened to her. Do you remember her?

Fans of the famous talent show Amici di Maria De Filippi who have followed all the editions of the program from the very beginning will certainly remember Alice Bellagamba.

She is a dancer and participated in the 2008 edition of the reality show. But after that edition the girl seems to have disappeared from the radar and several fans of the program have noticed this absence. What happened to Alice?

Friends of Maria De Filippi is the most coveted talent show on television and there were really many artists, including dancers and singers who took turns in the many editions of the program whose first edition took place in 2000 under the name of They will be famous, at the time conducted by Daniele Bossari.

At the helm one of the queens of television, Maria DeFilippi, also the creator of the program and has always run this and other successful Mediaset programmes. She practically manages a large part of the Canale 5 programming on her own. For this reason, many singers or dancers aspire to make their debut with her, because the Amici talent can be an excellent springboard, for example also for Sanremo.

Sometimes, however, it can happen that those who are very successful in the class of Friends then disappear from the radar as happened to Alice Bellagamba who participated in the 2008 edition and of which nothing is known.

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Alice Bellagamba in that 2008 edition entered the heart of the Amici audience, as one of the favorites and acquired a certain popularity. Her beauty and sensitivity were her main qualities that gave her the opportunity to make herself known and appreciated almost immediately by the public.

By the way Alice was one of the most deserving pupils of the Friends school. But her talent as a dancer did not explode directly with her participation in Amici di lei but long before her when she was just a child. As a young girl she Alice took skating lessons for three years and took her first steps as a dancer at the tender age of nine.

The short story of Alice Bellagamba

When she started dancing at the age of nine, Alice distinguished herself in various dance schools and began working on prestigious stages abroad, for example in Switzerland, Finland, and France where he distinguished himself as one of the greatest Italian talents. Her performances have also crossed the European borders because the young dancer has also performed in China and New Zealandreaching enviable goals.

But after such a brilliant career start, what happened to Alice Bellagamba? As we know, the singers who continue their careers and also become quite famous are also most followed by Amici’s audience. Over the course of the editions, Amici’s audience has been less and less interested in the dancers who therefore end up on the sly.

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The 2008 edition in which Bellagamba took part was a different edition due to her dance skills. Alice, in fact, distinguished herself for being the only dancer in the competition to reach the final of that edition. So how is your life today? Is she still a dancer?

The answer is yes, Alice today directs an important dance company “Ballet of the Marches” as a choreographer, artistic director and, of course, also that of a dancer. And if you’re a reader of ballet critiques, you’ve surely read of her in rave reviews of her work. It is therefore easy to assume that hers is a well-known name in the world of dance.

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Alice Bellagamba of Amici, here’s what happened to her. Do you remember her?

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