Alice Campello and childbirth: «I had a hemorrhage and 17 transfusions. Morata is bleached»

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The influencer talks about the difficulties he had a few days ago, when little Bella was born: After giving birth, I lifted the blanket and there was a lot of blood. I’ve had 17 transfusions. They put a balloon inside my uterus, I risked a lot

The fear was immense, but now Alice Campello, influencer born in Venice and wife of Alvaro Morata, is fine. A few days ago she gave birth to Bella, her first daughter after three boys. But after giving birth she had several complicationsso much so that he ended up in intensive care at the Clinica Universidad de Navarra. It was her husband, a former Juventus striker, who gave the news. Now Alice Campello told herself to very true: it was a life lesson, he repeated several times. A real drama: I have not seen the little girl practically. I saw her for a second and then I never saw her again. When I woke up, I didn’t have the strength, I was very weak. There are many things that Alvaro told me, but I was in shock, I didn’t remember. Today I feel very sensitive and I still feel good and lucky, very lucky. I realized how many people love me and have prayed for me.

It was supposed to be a day of joy for a new birth, it risked turning into tragedy: Alvaro was destroyed. Every now and then I wrote him something to keep him calm, he wrote me messages that made me realize how lucky I am. He was so close to me, he gave me great love. The world would have collapsed on him and he would get a life lesson tattoo with little Bella’s birth date. Alvaro and my parents lived it badly. Even my brother, after seeing Bella, took the plane back and on the plane they wrote to him what was happening and he could no longer get off. Now, however, there is only joy for the arrival of the first daughter: I look at her and I still can’t believe it. Not possible, I wanted her so much. the first girl after three boys, I deserved it. I’m so happy. As a child I dreamed of becoming a mother, I’d say I did it. I am 28 years old and I have four children.

And again: The cesarean went well, the most beautiful birth, but the problem came later. When I went out, and I still had the baby in my arms, at a certain point I started to feel bad. I lifted the blanket and saw massive bleeding. an image that I have in my head. My concern has been for Alvaro, I’ve seen him blanch. When I’m sick, he’s sick. From there I don’t remember anything. I fell asleep at 10 in the morning and woke up at 10 in the evening. I was in the operating room. Now I imagine them, the people who love me, who imagined anything in those hours. I saw my father for the first time very tried, my mother was destroyed. she stayed with me 15 days in Madrid and she helped me a lot.

An endless time of pain and fear: I had 17 blood transfusions, the bleeding wouldn’t stop. It was very large, but gradually diminished. And the doctors tried to stop her. In those hours they did not succeed. Ideas were starting to run out. They inserted a balloon into my uterus, waited until 2pm the following day. If the bleeding hadn’t stopped they would have had to take it from me, otherwise I would have died. Now I see things differently. The children had the sensitivity to understand what happened, even if we didn’t explain it to them. They ask me if I’m okay every three seconds. Why happened? I don’t want to say wrong things. The uterus didn’t contract and caused a giant hemorrhage. But it seemed like a simpler thing, then instead it wouldn’t stop.

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Alice Campello and childbirth: «I had a hemorrhage and 17 transfusions. Morata is bleached»

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