Amber Heard asks for the cancellation of the trial lost against Johnny Depp: “There was not enough evidence” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

Amber Heard demands that the (lost) trial against Johnny Depp be canceled. It was the actress’s lawyers who carried out what seemed like an announced act for days. In a 43-page memorandum filed in court, the plaintiff’s attorneys, held responsible for three defamation allegations against Depp, and forced to compensate her ex-husband for over 10 million dollarsexplained that the jury’s verdict should be canceled on the grounds that it was not supported by evidence. Another point of the memorandum is that the figure that Heard was sentenced to refound to Depp is excessive as part of the verdict it is said that both she and Depp have defamed each other. Finally there would be un procedural defect concerning the transcription of the date of birth of a juror who according to court records he was born in 1945 but instead was born in 1970. “This discrepancy raises a crucial question: Juror number 15 actually received a subpoena for jury duty and was properly vetted by the court to be part of the jury? ”, write the girl’s lawyers.

But the bad news for Heard comes directly from Judge Azcarate who has already made it clear that noShe is not prepared to schedule more hearings in this case and that on 24 June last he deposited the final sentence of the report. Azcarate bluntly told Heard’s attorney that if he wanted to appeal the seven-person jury’s verdict, he would have to file motions in court. Furthermore, as the BBCAzcarate “informed Bredehoft (the lawyer of Heard ed) that Aquaman star will have to pay $ 8.35 million bond with 6% annual interest before any appeal goes forward“. Heard’s lawyers have said, however, that their client does not have the money to pay Depp. Finally, after Heard’s interview on NBC where he implied that the question against the ex-husband for domestic violence is far from resolved, the possibility of a discount, if not even the cancellation of the economic damage to be refounded, is further removed, for the magnanimity of Depp. The only certainty, however, is that this process will continue to be talked about for a long time.

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Amber Heard asks for the cancellation of the trial lost against Johnny Depp: “There was not enough evidence” – Il Fatto Quotidiano

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