Amber Heard’s first deposition in the Johnny Depp trial

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The actress testifies at the trial: “He changed my life”, “I’ll never forget the first time he beat me, I thought it was a joke that’s why I stayed”

Like in a bad movie, in the courtroom of Fairfax Virginia, the worst scenes of the marriage between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. This time, it was the 36-year-old actress who spoke about her, starting from the beginning, from the story of the first episode of violence by what, at the time, she was her husband. “

I’ll never forget the first time he hit me. She changed my life. At first I laughed, I thought he was joking, ”she said speaking of her ex-husband, who is now 58 years old. Adding: “She slapped Me for no reason while we had a normal conversation, sitting on the sofa. The third slap made me lose my balance ». An anger that exploded out of nowhere, according to the actress’s story (that she did not leave out the details on that day “there was a can of cocaine nearby, on the table “), which would be followed by the sentiment of Depp, who would have said: “I won’t do it again, he said: I thought I had put this monster at bay“.

The first reactions

Already at that moment, Heard confessed that he was clear that the path to take was that of goodbye, but as in any toxic relationship, he ended up doing the opposite. «I knew that I could not simply forgive him – he continued -, right, because this means that it will happen again. I was heartbroken. ‘ And then, a few days later she returned to her husband who in the meantime had apologized, promising never to do it again. “I wanted to believe him, so I chose to do it. It was the love of my life, but at one point the Johnny I loved was underneath all these horrible things, ”she said. Her testimony has taken even more painful turns. Like when the actress described her when she was sexually assaulted by Depp her: “Now let’s look for some cavity,” she would have told her angrily, as she told her in tears. “She stuck her fingers inside her. I just stood there, staring at the lights. “


While the ex-wife spoke, Depp stared at the table the whole time in front of him. Even when she talked about the problems with alcohol and drugs, remembering the time where he “passed out in his own vomit.” I cleaned it myself. ‘ Speaking of a night in the desert, she later recounted how they had ingested psychotropic mushrooms and Depp would become jealous of another woman flirting with her. Among other episodes, Heard also recounted a turbulent boat trip to the Bahamas with Johnny Depp’s two children. The actor was nervous and frequently drunk as well he was about to sell his yacht to writer JK Rowling. Daughter Lily-Rose was also troubled by her father’s intemperance and Depp had blamed Amber, testified the actress, who he said would have spied on the two boys.

The threats

Heard also added that on that occasion Depp threatened to kill her: “He grabbed me by the neck and stayed there for a minute saying he could kill me and that I was an embarrassment to him ». For this Heard had decided to leave the yacht by helicopter with the daughter of the star in tears. When the actress’s lawyer showed her the text messages he had sent her after her departure, the actor shook his head and just said “wow”.

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Amber Heard’s first deposition in the Johnny Depp trial

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