Ambra Angiolini enjoys “X Factor”. Silvia Slitti returns to the controversy: “Months of silence”

When a controversy begins, it is not easy for it to deflate immediately. In recent days, a piece of news has caused a particular “sensation”: Ambra Angioliniwhich is currently shining in the judges’ bench of X Factorwould be illegally occupying the home of the event and wedding planner Silvia Slitti. After the reply of the lawyers, the latter returned to the subject on Instagram, in conjunction with the presence of Angiolini on TV with the program.

Silvia Slitti, the reply to Ambra Angiolini’s lawyers

“I want to clarify that the sentences’But why not put it in the hands of the lawyers? ‘ they are useless, because everything has already been in the hands of lawyers for months, and what you saw on my social networks was only the consequence of months and months spent in silence having understanding for everything and everyone. An understanding that was not reserved for me“.

The words, shared by Silvia Slitti on Instagram, have raised the controversy a a few hours after the comment by Ambra Angiolini on Tomorrow and from the official note of his lawyers. “It’s a bad story, the lawyers are involved, I’m not used to messing around on social media“, In his words we read the desire to keep the episode private.

According to what was reported by the accusations of the event and wedding planner, Angiolini would be continuing to illegally occupying his home: to give greater prominence to the story is the contract, expired on 30 June 2022. Despite her constant reminders, the actress would never leave the house. “I just want to get back what’s mine,” admitted Slitti.

Ambra Angiolini ignores the controversy on social media: success at X Factor

We certainly remember the clamor that there was on Ambra Angiolini’s social networks when the betrayal of Massimiliano Allegri. A “clamor” to which the actress has had to live, from the moment in which for a long time the followers have mentioned how successful, then supported by the famous tapir of Strip the News. However, the question, certainly thorny, does not seem to settle down.

On the other hand, the actress did not reply on social media, leaving the floor to his lawyers: “The news as disseminated in the posts published on social networks and taken up by other networks, news reported in a distorted and inappropriate way with reference to a strictly personal affair that the lawyers of the parties involved are dealing with”.

A few hours after Slitti’s post, Angiolini only shared posts and photos on the second episode of X Factor. Sitting at bench of judges together with Fedez, Rkomi and Dargen D’Amico, there have been many comments on social media that have acclaimed it. During the first episode, she shone, proving his talent once again and television authenticity.

And, in the end, this is precisely his line: letting his work speak for itself. After the lawyers’ note, he would appear to have the intention of shut up in silence on social media and of resolve the matter without further fuss. Where, in fact, he has always tried to keep a certain confidentiality, sharing more photos and videos of his work, or of his family.

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Ambra Angiolini enjoys “X Factor”. Silvia Slitti returns to the controversy: “Months of silence”

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