Ambra Angiolini, in perfect shape at 45, shows her abs (with irony)

It seems that time does not pass by Ambra Angiolini. Judging from the last photo she posted on Instagram, she hasn’t lost a pinch of that girlish look that made us love her. It is not Rai and which she has maintained over time, even after embarking on a prolific career as an actress. But if on the one hand Mother Nature has put her hand in it, on the other she does it six pack abs showing off with pride (and irony) on Instagram they are the result of a particular training.

Ambra Angiolini on Instagram, sculpted abs and a lot of irony

“41 degrees Amber”, writes Angiolini on Instagram with the irony that has always distinguished her. On a hot (indeed, very hot) day in July, the actress decided to share with her followers a shot in which proudly displays his abs carved.

A girlish physique, it really needs to be said. It has been a while since she debuted at It is not Raiprogram that consecrated it icon of teenagers in the nineties, and today she continues to be a beautiful woman. A beauty that is the result of many elements, a mix of sport and training, healthy nutrition and the intelligence to never take yourself too seriously. After all, the sensuality of a woman is not only in her beautiful abdominals and Ambra Angiolini it shows it perfectly.

Ambra Angiolini and the praise of wrinkles (to show off with pride)

If there is one thing that Ambra teaches us in every post it is that the first lesson we women must learn is to accept ourselves as we are, with our defects and the signs of aging that inevitably appear on our body and our face. Some time ago in another nice Instagram post he quoted the famous phrase that Anna Magnani said to her make-up artist: “Leave me all the wrinkles, don’t take off even one. It took me a lifetime to make them! “.

The true beauty secret of the actress? First of all, accept with serenity that time passes for everyone and, instead of covering wrinkles and defects with extreme methods, show them without any fear. But there is more, just as the colleague reiterated Rebel Wilson in her powerful message of body positivity we have to take care of ourselves, love and accept ourselves for who we are and, when we deem it appropriate and necessary, take all possible measures to improve ourselves. It is a question of health, then of inner serenity. Certainly not a way to “satisfy” those who criticize us and points constantly.

Sport and healthy eating, the secret of Ambra Angiolini

Although his career has moved to the big screen, Ambra Angiolini he never stopped devote time to dance, her great passion since she was a little girl. And today, at 45, it’s one of the many ways she keeps fit.

Ambra is a true sport addicted, she loves taking care of her body as in the past, choosing the right skincare products daily and adopting a healthy lifestyle, especially at the table. Not even during the first lockdown, when we were all forced to spend a lot of time at home, did she stop: she followed some fitness and Zumba classes online so as not to lose the rhythm. Then, when everything is back to (almost) normal, she devoted herself with perseverance and passion to pole dancea very trendy discipline in recent years and practiced by many celebs how Valentina Ferragni and Britney Spears.

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Ambra Angiolini, in perfect shape at 45, shows her abs (with irony)

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