Amici 21, 30 April: Nunzio is the eliminated of the seventh episode. Alessandra Celentano unleashed

Amici 21, 30 April: Nunzio is the eliminated of the seventh episode. Alessandra Celentano unleashed. After four ballots passed, the pupil of Raimondo Todaro leaves the most famous school on TV thanking everyone, from classmates to Maria De Filippiwithout forgetting Alessandra Celentano.

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00.55 The seventh episode of the evening of Amici 21 ends here, appointment next Saturday with the live broadcast of Thanks for joining us

00.50 The episode closes with the super guest Ghali presenting the new single “Fortuna” from the new album (to be released on May 20)

00.39 Nunzio: «I know. He was good and I’m happy, I couldn’t ask for more. I will miss you all, you were very special. I have to thank Raimondo first of all because I told him all sorts of things and he behaved like a gentleman with me. I consider him as a brother and a father. Then I thank the guys who are here, you made me feel at home, and you know how important family is. There is not a person who is unpleasant to me. Sissi you were my best friend in here. Alex is the one who loves me the most but you can’t prove it to me (laughs ed). I always joke with Serena when I tell her that she had the honor of dancing with me, but you really are a very strong dancer. It’s a pride to go out tonight, everyone is a phenomenon in her part. Friends in September is the biggest defeat of my life but today it is the most beautiful victory of all and then I have to thank you Maria because you took care of me just like mom and grandmother do. You worried when I was mle, you were a mom, I love you. Celentano last but not least, besides being a beautiful woman she is a great teacher and professional, she had the merit of putting Nunzio in competition with himself. I have done everything, I will carry it forever in my heart, if I have passed Celentano I can overcome everything ».

00.34 Maria asks if they want to know immediately the verdict or reassuring phrases: «I heard Albe speak with Serena and Nunzio, you are both satisfied, this means that it is clear to you that this is a TV program and that one comes out every week. It is the mechanism of the program that leads to a final, and this pleases me because no one has to think about getting out of here because it is worth less than those who remain. Having said that, Nunzio didn’t make it tonight “

00.33 Maria invites the boys to sit on the staircase. For Albe it is the first time, for Nunzio the fourth

00.26 Nunzio and Albe let off steam with the boys of the house

00.26 The boys go to the house to find out the outcome of the vote of the three judges

00.25 The Tim award this evening goes to Luigi

00.24 Challenge over, Raimondo moved: “Nunzio and I have a long history, he was 11 when we went away and he slept with me, then there was a misunderstanding and in September we met again”.

00.16 The final ballot is between Albe and Nuzio. Albe leaves, then Nunzio

00.15 Luigi except

00.12 The judges must choose who will be the first pupil excepted. Cards. Advertising

00.07 Nunzio leaves, with Todaro giving him a big good luck

00.06 Luigi, Albe and Nunzio ready for the final ballot

23.58 The alternative talent led by Nino Frassica is back

23.57 Goes to the final ballot with Albe and Nunzio … Luigi

23.52 Luigi and Michele at the ballot

23.51 Stash and Stefano vote for Sissi, standing ovation from the judges for the choice of the song. The Cuccarini Todaro team wins

11.45pm We then leave again with Sissi singing Imagine, against Michele

23.43 The Prince asks not to vote and to review a new challenge between the two

23.36 Stefano «Sissi has a voice that glues you to an armchair and slaps you», Stash: «It’s true that the choreography was adapted to Michele’s dance, but I liked the contrato. Michele vote ». Advertising

23.29 Third challenge: Michele against Sissi

23.27 The prince votes Serena. Stash Luigi. To Stefano the last word: «They are both good communicators. It is difficult to put song and dance on the same plate. Luigi has a verve all about him, but Serena moved me particularly ». Point to the Cucca -Todo. It’s 1-1

23.21 Second challenge: Serena dances accompanied by Alex against Luigi

23.20 Stash gives the point to Alex. Even the prince compliments him but votes for Luigi’s groove. Stefano assigns the point to luigi- Zerbi – Cele 1-0

23.14 First test is a cantro gauntlet: Alex against Luigi

23.13 Third and last heat once again Zerbi-Celentano vs Cuccarini – Todaro

23.10 Zerbi – Celentano win

22.54 Before the third and last heat it’s time for the “Prof Glove”

22.52 Goes to the final ballot with Nunzio … Albe

22.48 The ballot is between Albe and Dario

22.45 Stefano: «Two ways of creating in a different way, I like these gloves on creativity. When Luigi left I had a hard time recognizing the song, I was careful, I didn’t understand how much you had upset it. Creativity rhymes with originality and I vote for Luigi ». Prince: «I like the way Albe writes, but I have been carried away by Luigi’s story. I vote for him ». The Zerbi – Celentano team wins

22.37 Third and last heat and new gauntlet, once again between Luigi and Albe. Both “cover” the song of “Vagabondo” de Nomadi

22.35 Stash “I missed Luigi’s explosiveness, Albe was happy, his reward”. The prince also votes Albe. It’s 1-1

22.30 Second challenge Albe vs Luigi

22.28 For Filiberto Michele wins, Stefano «If we are here to make fleas on these dancers it is because they are good. The two performances together, I assumed would make my ideal performance. It is a very technical choreography but it also takes transport. My judgment is mathematical and is technically unbalanced on Michele’s side ». 1-0 For Zerbi Celentano

22.23 Celentano apologizes: “I’m sorry about this discussion before Michele danced”

22.21 Celentano: «Thinking that Dario danced well means not understanding anything about dance», Veronica furiosa: «I won’t let you, Dario has performed this choreography very well. The dance is one and it is recognizable. We got to the point where you tell me I don’t understand dance! I take responsibility Dario is a talent “

22.12 Michele gauntlet against Dario

22.09 In the second heat Zerbi – Celentano challenge Peparini – Pettinelli

22.09 Between Serena and Nunzio in the final ballot Nunzio goes

22.07 Alex immediately returns to the game

22.00 Nunzio – Serena and Alex on the ballot. It starts with the performances

21.58 Stefano: «When Luigi does these things he gives me the impression of always wanting to be the child prodigy, but he always takes the measure of not being cloying. You are very good, elegant, my vote goes to you », Stash also votes Luigi. The Zerbi – Celentano team wins the first heat

21.52 Third super decisive test: Luigi (Sings “Splendido splendente”) against Nunzio (dances a flamenco mix)

21.50 Stefano: «These guys are true excellences. I have always seen Sissi at ease with her, Michele, in my opinion, took a little step forward this evening by doing something different, so my vote goes to Michele ». The Prince votes Sissi, Stash rewards Sissi and Alex. It’s 1-1

21.45 Second challenge: Michele (dancing “pink peach blossom flowers”) against Sissi who will duel with Alex

21.44 Stash: “If I take the choreography off Nunzio I feel the lack of it, if I take it off Luigi I don’t”, congratulations also from Proncipe. It is 1-0 for Zerbi Celentano

21.39 After Nunzio’s performance, the bickering between Celentano and Todaro starts

21.36 First challenge Luigi against Nunzio

21.34 The first heat opens with the challenge between Zerbi – Celentano and Cuccarini Todaro

21.33 Let’s go. Maria De Filippi opens the seventh episode of Amici 21

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1651368139 872 Amici 21 30 April Nunzio is the eliminated of the

here are the Talents of Friends 21 still in the race that will compete this evening during the week episode:

Luigi and Michele of the Zerbi-Celentano team

Alex, Sissi, Serena and Nunzio of the Cuccarini-Todaro team

Albe and Dario of the Pettinelli-Peparini team

Seventh appointment also with the talent led by Nino Frassica. Super guest in the studio the iconic Artist Ghali who presents the new single “Fortuna” from the new album (out May 20)

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Amici 21, 30 April: Nunzio is the eliminated of the seventh episode. Alessandra Celentano unleashed

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