Andrea and Sarah Ferguson are a couple: what changes after the Queen’s death

The Prince Andrew And Sarah Fergusoneven if not officially, they have been a couple for several years now. Despite the stormy divorce in 1996, the two have always remained very close, so much so that they live in the same house, now at risk after the death of the Queen Elizabeth. In fact, this and other scenarios (such as possible second marriages) are now opening up for Andrea and Sarah who, it seems, no longer want to hide the special relationship between them.

Are Andrea and Sarah really a couple?

Rumors, denials, clues: since 2018 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson have returned to appear together at public events, and even Reali, like Royal Ascot. The former couple, married in 1986, divorced exactly in 2012, with two daughters, then children: Beatrice and Eugenie. Today women, mothers, and both married, have been the glue of their parentswhich, in recent years, have stopped hiding the harmony.

After Harry’s wedding and Meghan Marklewho saw Sarah as a special guest (she had not been invited by William and Kate Middleton instead), Ferguson gradually returned to the life of the Palace, opposed only by Prince Philip who, at Easter 2019, chased her away because she was not welcome. Andrea’s answer? He left too, and left with Sarah. Isn’t this love?

Not only, the two live together, on an estate, not far from Windsor Castle, which Elizabeth II had given to her son as a concession for 75 years. But according to the English press, King Charles may decide to revoke this permission, in his policy of cutting the costs of the Royal Family, and literally kicking out Andrew and Sarah. We are confident that this will not happen also because, the Dukes of York, they will have to take care of the Queen’s beloved corgi, who has expressly left them in their care. If, however, Andrea were to leave the residence early, he would be entitled to it a good exit of 7 million pounds.

Two hearts and a villa, yes, but certainly this house will be very dear to them also for emotional reasons, since it has seen their reconciliation and, perhaps, the return of the flame.

The possibility of a second marriage

Sarah Ferguson’s situation has always been anomalous, as, even after the divorce, retained the title of Duchess of York. A sort of redemption, given the bad treatment reserved to her during the years at court (her room was in the dungeons of the Castle). We saw her in the second row at her Majesty’s funeral, an honor reserved only for the closest members of the family. The Ferguson, today a successful writeralways engaged in social issues (often alongside Prince Albert of Monaco), she has been able to play her cards over the years, slowly returning to the good graces of the Windsors.

Now that both Philip, her archenemy, and Elizabeth II are gone, Sarah could resume her full-time role. “Andrew? I would remarry him again tomorrow”He confessed to Times Radio in June 2022.

“I will continue to support him because he is a good and kind man,” he added, unwilling to comment further on the story of the sex scandal that involved the Prince.

The rumor of a second marriage between the two has been in the air for a long time: it seems that they were waiting for the wedding of their daughters to say yes again, but with all the events that have overwhelmed the Royal House in these two years, the idea for the moment has been put aside.

Who knows, once mourning is over, it could be a good omen to crown (again) this fairy tale, which for them has finally come to a happy ending.

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Andrea and Sarah Ferguson are a couple: what changes after the Queen’s death

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