Andrea Bocelli’s villa in Forte dei Marmi has been robbed: the artist still a victim of thieves

The tenor Andrea Bocelli it was once again victim of thieves. Some criminals have targeted the house he recently bought in Forte dei Marmi, an investment of historical value, and which, according to the first reconstructions shared by the newspapers, is being renovated and furnished. A great disappointment for Bocelli who, fortunately, was not on the property with his family at the time of the theft.

Andrea Bocelli is again a victim of thieves: the villa in Forte dei Marmi is robbed

These are difficult hours for the tenor, who has learned the news: once again, thieves have robbed one of the artist’s properties. The villa in question, located in Forte dei Marmi, more precisely in the hamlet of Vittoria Apuanahas a enormous historical value, but not only. In fact, Bocelli acquired the property only recently. The details of the thieves are not known, who entered the building by forcing one of the entrance doors.

He shared the dynamics of the theft The newspaper: currently uninhabited, the building is the second residence of the tenor, who has decided to renovate the rooms. The episode took place during the night, and the alarm was only given when the guardians arrived the following morning. Of course, they immediately noticed the event – there were also some objects on the ground – calling the police.

What was stolen from Andrea Bocelli’s villa

One of the aspects to take into consideration is that in the building, which is not yet inhabited, there are important workand therefore the booty of thieves it would be very limited. The state of restructuring of the property is making the first checks by the police more difficult: in any case, the tenor went immediately on site to understand the extent of the damage. Moreover, Bocelli was about to leave for Amsterdam: has two concerts scheduled for 3 and 4 May at Ziggo Domewhich are part of his european tour.

The theft occurred in 2018

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that Andrea Bocelli he finds himself undergoing a similar situation. The raid carried out by the thieves, in fact, inevitably brought back the hands of time, in particular to 2018, when the family found themselves the victim of an attempted robbery in their beautiful home. The assault deeply affected Bocelli, who decided to tell the dynamics to Corriere della Sera.

“There were two of them with balaclavas and batons; they said they had guns, but we didn’t see them. There was a fight with the vigilante, then they ran away ”, an event that alerted the tenor, who found himself, a few months later, facing another desperate situation again.

The second attempted theft he was then thwarted thanks to the maid, who noticed the raid in time and immediately called the police. The theft in the villa of Forte dei Marmi is the third against the tenor, who for the moment has not yet commented on the fact.

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Andrea Bocelli’s villa in Forte dei Marmi has been robbed: the artist still a victim of thieves

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