Angie J weighed 300 kg and had relapsed into drug addiction. Vite al Limite did not end well

Angie J’s was one of the hardest paths that Dr. Now has had in his hands, it didn’t end well for the woman.

One of the toughest routes we saw in Vite al Limite was precisely that of Angela Marie Dunham-Johnsthe woman decided to participate in the program and put herself in the hands of Doctor Now when she was 39 and had come to weigh almost 300 kg, a situation that no longer allowed her to live.

The life of Angela, nicknamed Angie J it was really dramatic, Originally from Ohio the woman told about her past and it’s creepy, her life before meeting Dr. Nowzaradan she was prone to drug addictiona drama of his life linked to terrible sexual abuse suffered when it was I’m a child, a devastating situation that destroyed her life.

His journey to Vite al Limite was disastrous

Angie J’s journey during the Vite al Limite broadcast was one of the most complex Dr. Nowzaradan has ever had to deal with. Although the woman was fully aware that she needed help to get back to her life, he could not and did not want to participate conscientiously in the program that was given to her for weight loss.

Angie J refused to follow the advice of the doctor who constantly put her in front of the objective need to get back to health having a very heavy addiction to food.

Ultimately too husband Justin left her during the time the woman was in the Huston clinic, according to him this would have had to serve Angie to become aware of her problems of food addiction.

During his journey, however, the woman he had lost only 22 kgthe worst was that during the filming she had relapsed into drug use and this he had done drive out of transmission. A failure across the board, the life of Angie J really was on the brink.

What happened next to Angie J?

Angie J

Immediately after the end of his journey in the Lives to the Limit program Angei J had taken a new blowor a burglary in the house just shortly after the separation from her husband, adding more drama and confusion to her life.

Later, during an episode aired on the American broadcaster TLC, the woman had told of having accused the very strong pains abdominals, enough to go straight to the hospital to verify that it was not a tumor

From further updates however, there seems to be good newsfollowing the drama suffered even at the end of the broadcast it seems that the woman has managed to lose more weight reaching 269 kg and seemed intent on this path.

Angie J

Given the commitment shown in trying to get back in shape it seems that she is the pass was given to access the gastric reduction surgerygood news for Angie J who seems to have found her inner balance and beyond, it is said that has also found a new love, a man named David.

We hope that Angie J, after all the pain she has had to go through in her life, can finally find the well-deserved serenity.

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Angie J weighed 300 kg and had relapsed into drug addiction. Vite al Limite did not end well

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