Anna Mazzamauro, Miss Silvani and the relationship with Paolo Villaggio: «Never been friends. Here’s what he told me one day “

The relationship between Anna Mazzamauro And Paolo Villaggio it has never been easy. Yet if in 1975 she was chosen in the role of Miss Silvaniit was only thanks to the accountant Ugo Fantozziwho insisted on having her next to his side on set.

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Anna Mazzamauro, the difficult relationship with Paolo Villaggio

“I introduced myself for the role of Pina. I knew Luciano Salce, the director – the 83-year-old actress told Corriere della Sera -. They were looking for a very ugly woman and he remembered me. The problem was that I didn’t know they were looking for a cesspool, indeed, a “beautiful atypical”, as I say, and so I showed up all dressed up, with a bonnet of curly hair, heels and a tight red dress. Salce looked at me perplexed and said: ‘Anna, I remembered you more ugly’ ». Mazzamauro she was convinced she had lost the part, but at that moment Villaggio said: «’No, we need a woman who makes Fantozzi fall in love. This one is full of flaws but she wears them on her heels. ‘ And so my life changed forever ».

Thus was born the Miss Silvani, alone, desperate, ready to give herself to anyone and even to pretend to be pregnant with Fantozzi in order to fill her own void. She is a tragicomic character almost as much as the one played by Villaggio, with whom she has shared 24 years of work. Except for two films – Fantozzi against all (1980) e Superfantozzi (1986) where her character is absent -, Anna Mazzamauro he worked with the comedian from 1975 to 1999. Despite this, the two actors were never friends off the set.

“When I asked him why we didn’t hang out off the set, he replied: ‘I only hang out with the rich and famous’ – admitted Mazzamauro -. I never knew when he was joking or when he showed the harsher side of him. Like all extraordinarily intelligent people, Paul knew how to be cruel. In addition, it must be considered that he had emerged late, at almost forty: he was pervaded by a touch of resentment for all that he had had to overcome before success ».

Many years later, when he was already in a wheelchair, Paolo Villaggio he was a guest of Barbara D’Urso together with the former Miss Silvani. When the presenter asked him how she had chosen the actress, he calmly replied: «’How do you choose a toilet’. I then retorted dryly: ‘But with that toilet you have gained a lot’. He didn’t reply. ‘

On leaving the television studios, the actress took out her checkbook and asked him, “Can we be friends now?” “He didn’t speak for a few minutes. Then he looked at me and said: ‘How beautiful you are’. They were the last words that Paolo said to me and I understood all the greatness of him, his humanity perhaps hidden under an apparent cruelty. We are actors, we always act ».

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Anna Mazzamauro, Miss Silvani and the relationship with Paolo Villaggio: «Never been friends. Here’s what he told me one day ”

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